Harbor prevention and control office announcement!Look for close contacts!

2022-07-27 0 By

At 5:15 on February 8, 2022, Haigang District CDC received a letter of assistance from a close contact of Wang (male), a positive nucleic acid case transferred from Qinhuangdao CDC to Liaoning Province.After investigation and verification, the positive case wang (male) drove himself from Suizhong County of Liaoning Province to Qinhuangdao Harbor area of Hebei Province at 8:30 on February 6. At 10:40, he entered the service Beili Xiaolu barber shop and stayed for about 5 minutes before driving back to Suizhong County.Please protect yourself from contact with other people by entering the head shop of Xiaoliu Barbershop in Beili from 10:40 on February 6th to 19:00 on February 7th, and report to the Harbor Center for Disease Control and Prevention in time.Please do not panic, do not believe or spread rumors, enhance personal protection awareness at all times, complete novel coronavirus vaccination as soon as possible, wear masks properly, maintain reasonable social distancing, observe the prevention and control requirements in public places, and take the initiative to scan and light up the code when going out.Contact number: 3553616/3553625 This is to inform you.Office of the Leading Task Force on Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in the Harbour area 8 February 2022