Lufthansa has done it again

2022-07-27 0 By

KL831, LX188, SU208, HO1608 and MU570 are on the list, according to the official announcement of Civil Aviation Administration of China.Montana successfully predicted four of the classes.Today, Juneyao Airlines HO1608 was announced by the official surprise, which should have been zero flights were actually cut off.Sifting through every piece of news broadcast by the Shanghai Health Commission and any news that might be diverted to Zhejiang.I could only find four!Therefore, it is only the Health Commission and the Civil Aviation Administration themselves who know what is going on in this extra case.On January 19, LH728 had already found 9 cases, and one more case would lead to an additional two weeks of fuse outage, until the end of March.LH728 of 1.17 has basically been out of danger of 4 weeks of circuit breaker.The first Lufthansa flight can be scheduled for March 7.4. On January 25, Zhejiang reported an additional asymptomatic case in Brazil and two asymptomatic cases in Mexico. It is likely to take KL831 on January 23 to transfer via the Netherlands.—- currently waiting for the official announcement of the circuit breaker flight KL857 2.8/15;AF198 off 2.10/17;LH728 broke 2.21/28/, 3.9/16;CZ348 3.17/24/31, 4.7;3.4/11/18/25 CZ328 broken;AC25 off 2.28/3.7;CZ348 3.17/24 double shift;– Here are today’s alerts: 9 flights were found to be on the verge of a 4-week shutdown: LH728 (1.19) 3 flights were found to be on alert: AY087 (1.20) 2 flights were found to be on alert: EK362 (1.22) 1 flight was found:CA936 (1.22), HO1608 (1.23), OS075 (1.21), MU208 (1.22) — there are no flights cleared today.– As for the current flight, can be private letter or message inquiry