Meizhou Comprehensive security Zone: it is committed to building a practice sample of inland comprehensive security zone

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On March 28, Meizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone was officially closed, marking a new chapter in meizhou’s opening-up and development.As an important platform for the construction of an open economy, Meizhou Comprehensive Protection Zone will be a powerful driving force for improving meizhou’s opening-up level, promoting the revitalization of the Soviet Area and realizing common prosperity.In the jinyue helmet production workshop of Meizhou comprehensive protection zone, workers are carrying out production operations in an orderly manner on the production line.Hearing the news of the official closure of Meizhou comprehensive protection zone, the person in charge of the enterprise was very excited.Chen Yunhui, Deputy General Manager of Meizhou Jinyue Helmet Co., LTD. : Our company has been put into production in the comprehensive protection zone for more than two years and has been running smoothly.The smooth closure of the comprehensive insurance zone is a great boon to our export and foreign trade business. After the closure, we are more confident to make full use of the favorable policies of the comprehensive insurance zone to make our company stronger and bigger.It is reported that the planned area of Meizhou comprehensive protection Zone is 2.53 square kilometers, and the area of first-stage Seine is 1.29 square kilometers. It is the first inland comprehensive protection zone in Guangdong Province, and the first state-level development platform in The Soviet Area of Meizhou old Revolutionary base Area.At present, Meizhou Comprehensive Protection Zone has settled 15 projects such as Bojie Wine Industry, Ouyi International Trade and Qianhui Supply Chain, with an estimated total investment of 540 million yuan. The annual import and export volume is expected to reach 2.4 billion yuan after all the projects reach production.Guo Xiangdong, Director of working Section of Meizhou Customs Comprehensive Protection Zone: We will provide 7×24 hours clearance operation reservation for enterprises in the comprehensive protection zone, that is, we will provide round-the-clock clearance reservation service for enterprises, including Saturday, Sunday and holidays.The second is to provide enterprises with “one enterprise one policy, one fan one station” management, for the enterprises into the zone we have special personnel docking, provide successful examples and one-stop service, to assist enterprises to handle customs formalities from beginning to end.Huang Lei, Vice General manager of Bo Jie Wine: Settling in the comprehensive insurance zone brings us a very good opportunity, because the preferential policies and taxation policies brought to us by the comprehensive insurance zone are very good.At factories outside the district, we have to pay a hundred percent duty immediately on all goods we import.However, in Meizhou comprehensive security Zone, goods can be stored in the comprehensive security zone. After production, I can declare tax as needed, which relieves a lot of financial pressure.After the customs closure, Meizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone will have the functions of bonded processing, bonded logistics, bonded service and port business, focusing on building four core industrial systems of advanced manufacturing, integrated logistics, international trade and modern service.Promote the formation of “leading enterprises in the comprehensive bonded zone, supporting enterprises in the surrounding hinterland, to promote the overall development of regional open economy” industrial development pattern.Li Minhao, Investment Promotion Department, Meizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee: Import and export goods can go through the declaration, inspection, release and other procedures in the zone, which greatly facilitates the enterprises to carry out import and export trade, and promotes the development of meizhou supply chain industry through the aggregation and allocation of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.At the same time, Meizhou comprehensive Protection Zone will be linked with the meizhou international dry port under construction, which will inject new momentum for Meizhou to integrate into the new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation, promote the high-quality development of open economy, and further boost the revitalization and common prosperity of Meizhou Soviet Area.(By Liu Yingying, Zeng Hongyu, And Lin Xuan)