Under double reduction, help children plan extracurricular reading, borrow reading, let children grow up

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No make-up, no brushing?Fortunately, children love to read.Without further ado about the importance of reading, a child who can read well can’t get poor grades.Even if the difference is only the appearance, or temporary, as long as the child is willing to, a bit serious, minutes can make the results up.Now middle and high school can reverse attack only those reading ability of children, on the contrary, no reading to do support of children, in the continuous forward is easy to lose strength, no stamina, suddenly fell down.This is the third article in a series I’ve written about children’s reading.The first article focuses on how to develop children’s reading habits: Reading is the core ability of learning, not forced not to beat not to lecture, 3 ways to let children easily fall in love with reading. The second chapter focuses on solving the problems that are easy to occur in the process of reading, to avoid deviation:This article focuses on how to plan reading for children and how to guide them to follow the plan.Together, the three articles basically solve the directional problems related to children’s reading.In my plan, when the child graduates from junior high school, he will have initially grown into a man with ideals and beliefs with the help of reading.He knew who he wanted to be and what he had to do to get there.In other words, I have ignited his dream, he has an inner drive, it is no longer I want him to learn, but he has to learn, to grow, if this is true, high school life no matter how hard it will feel sweet, will I also feel a lot easier?Ideal is beautiful, how to operate?Before we begin, we need to address one question: Why plan for your child’s extracurricular reading?Is it not instructive to open books?Should the child read a book only, be necessary so utilitarian?Not paying attention to what your child is reading is a very bad idea, as I explained in Reading 4 Big Holes, with a link at the end of the article.In ancient times, the cost of reading was very high. What could be written on paper and handed down after wars and bans were basically classics. Who took the trouble or even risked their lives to preserve them?So it is good to open books.Now, however, there is so much information available that I suspect it would take a lifetime for a person to read one minute of global information.Every time a blogger announces plans to write a novel of millions or even tens of millions of words, I get a tingle in my head, thinking that another “murder” is coming.On the one hand, the amount of information has increased exponentially. On the other hand, children are too young to have any discernment and judgment. At the beginning of reading, adults are needed to guide and support them.It is difficult to choose a book worth reading, let alone a child.So it is necessary for us to do a grasp of the children’s extracurricular reading as a whole.How to plan?What is the purpose first?It is a matter of course to do a good job in children’s study.Everything that cannot study result does well education is play rascal, no matter should educate or quality education, also no matter Chinese style or American style, cannot depart from the fundamental purpose of education.But this is the basic requirement, I also need the child physical and mental health!Don’t niangli niangqi, don’t greasy hair and powdered face (my home is the whelp), also can’t be like men’s football so empty body, but also have ideal, have faith, have courage, have responsibility.If I want my child to grow up like a sapling, then reading is all the nutrients he needs to grow up. My plan is to give him different fertilizer at different stages.The metaphor is very vivid, tell me how to land practical operation?It is roughly divided into four stages, junior high school, senior primary school, lower primary school and preschool. Each stage has a different focus, but it connects with each other to achieve the common goal of igniting children’s dreams.Preschool I won’t go into details, the main task is literacy and reading interest.I’ve shared this in detail, literacy: How to make it easy for kids to read.The first essay on interest formation is devoted to this topic.In the lower grade of primary school (below grade 3), the encyclopaedia is the core, with natural science as the main and humanities as the auxiliary.The goal is to stimulate and foster curiosity in children.One is in line with the child’s psychological development characteristics, curious, like to ask questions, and emotional.Second, it also conforms to the cognitive law of things, first concrete, then abstract.Third, children will not be early restrictions on a single content.I don’t recommend encyclopedias. There are too many.It should be emphasized that according to the children’s cognitive situation to choose the right, such as the proportion of text and text, the difficulty of the content and so on.With it as the core, combined with the child’s situation and then gradually to the periphery of each branch extension, can completely cover primary and secondary schools, and even the university of each subject.From ancient times to the future, from DNA to AI, from caves to black holes…Don’t be limited by your own thinking, and grow with your children.Primary school senior, to read the four classics as the core, nature, humanity to half open.After all, man is a social man. When the natural science extends to the depth, we should increase the reading of social humanities books.The extension of natural subjects is to pave the way for the later middle school learning, like my children, read a lot of physical chemistry and other extracurricular books, many core concepts have long understood, such as physical force, light, electricity, chemical acid, alkali, salt and so on.I always say that he is collecting pearls, and when the middle school teacher gives a lecture and systemizes the knowledge, it is like tying the pearls together with a string. So I really don’t worry about his middle school study at all.It’s easy to tell right from wrong in science, but difficult in real life.Children to this age stage can also start to think, so it is appropriate to increase the reading of social humanities books, especially history.Increase the reading of humanistic books, the cultivation of children’s thinking, reading and writing is also an improvement, after all, the senior, but also to prepare for the exam.I said is “read” the four classics, not read, so it is quite difficult, need a certain amount of humanistic and historical knowledge to pave the way.Especially “A Dream of Red Mansions”, I think the primary school stage “read” even if, can be appropriately put off to read again, it is really difficult, hard to kill children’s reading interest, also easy to misread, counterproductive.Middle school stage, to read “MAO Zedong biography” as the core, the initial formation of a sound three views.When it comes to The biography of MAO Zedong, many people frown, and so did I.It may be that I feel that the excessive publicity of others has suppressed my desire to read it. What I regret most is that I did not read this book when I was young, and what I hope my children will read is also this book.This book is also on the recommended books list of the Ministry of Education in the middle school section, and there are “On Contradiction” and “On Practice” in the middle school section.The only side effect of reading this book for me is that I’m no longer interested in any biographies, because no one else has.I do not need to repeat how great a generation of great men, like the autumn harvest uprising failed, he led less than a thousand troops (most of them are vagrants), lack of weapons, food and clothing, no rear, only the pursuit of soldiers.I told my child it was a bit like taking a couple of kindergarteners to play football against their school football team and not losing!In his life, he faced numerous similar situations. Where did he get the firm confidence and the courage to win?How does he always find the best solution, the right way out?Now, as soon as I read “MAO Zedong biography”, I feel very calm, as if to inject infinite power to me.But for children, it is not easy to understand and use this book, which requires a great deal of accumulation and preparation in history, philosophy, military, politics and even literature.If one day, the child reading this book, like now reading other books, excitedly pull to communicate with me, that is really read.In fact, I tried to guide children to read twice, but the effect is not good, still only stay in the very shallow level of interpretation, or accumulation is not enough.One is not enough humanistic reading, the other is not enough life experience.The day when he really understands it will be the day when he awakens himself, the day when he is thoroughly ignited.That’s what I’ve been trying to do.Once he read it, he will have a noble spirit, naturally see high, determined, indomitable, high school tense learning will also be depressed?Will the university still be confused to become a Monk?After graduation will go away for small profits?Will he become a man of outstanding intelligence but heartless?Of course, at this time his language learning need not worry at all, because his understanding ability, look at the point of view and depth of the problem has already surpassed the majority of peers.To sum up, it starts with literacy, goes to nature encyclopedia, then to history and humanities, and finally to cultivate one’s morality and mind.And then there’s not much need for my involvement.Add that these several stages are just a rough division that I make according to the situation of my children for your reference.The actual operation situation looks at his child specific situation, each stage can be long but short, can move forward can also be delayed, suitable for their children.The reading of indicator books, such as encyclopaedia, the Four Great Classics and The Biography of MAO Zedong, is not mandatory for children to read. It is a natural and gradual process, which can also be said to be endogenous and spontaneous reading of children. It is a natural thing.The general direction, large blocks, and the core operations of each block are all available, but the article is already a bit long. I originally planned to write the detailed implementation operations together, so I had to write a separate article later.I am going to take English learning as an example, which is more simple and pure compared with Chinese and mathematics, to explain in detail how to guide children to read step by step according to my plan, and how the effect is now, for your reference.In order not to get lost, please click on me in time.Attached to the article mentioned a few past articles: how to guide children happy literacy how happy to cultivate children’s reading habits how to avoid the pit code word in reading is not easy, your praise, attention and forwarding is my motivation, I am the great era, together with the intention to cultivate children.