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When the epidemic recur, community workers, medical service workers and people’s livelihood protection workers, as the grass-roots force for epidemic prevention, and volunteers are on the front line, building a solid line of defense against the epidemic with practical actions to protect our health.Thousands of steps, a hoarse voice, a bed made of paper quilts…On the way to the examination, they always passed on a belief to us, that is to fight together “epidemic”.Every bit of effort can make rivers and oceans. In this battle against the epidemic, everyone is a soldier.At noon on March 13, when the epidemic hit, 34 buildings in Chunhui Community, Dongliu Street, Congtai District, were closed for epidemic prevention and control.Jing Suping, the 50-year-old community secretary of Chunhui, has been working in the community for six years, but he still feels the outbreak has come suddenly.On April 15, I found in fuming New Home community in Congtai district that all the residents in the community took nucleic acid tests as a unit and kept the 1-meter interval orderly.As the first person responsible for the closure and management of this community, she said: “This is the last situation I want to encounter, but since the epidemic has come, I must grasp the nettle.”She quickly called the community, property personnel closed the gate of the community, pulled up the police line, inform the community residents strictly abide by the closed management regulations.In the closed community, every resident has to do nucleic acid test, so the door-to-door row touch, comb personnel information has become a top priority for community cadres.At noon, Well su-ping and community staff put on white protective clothing, in the community back and forth, skilled work.The closed residents looked at these heavily armed community cadres, instantly feel the heart has the backbone, no longer panic.”Kung Fu is normal.”Jing said that on that day, their community cadres only took half an hour to enter the epidemic prevention and control emergency state.This ability is developed by practicing it countless times.That afternoon, in accordance with the requirements of the superior, she will organize the entire community for nucleic acid testing.A community has only 4 community cadres, how to do not have enough staff?She first turned to East Willow Street for help.Soon, the east Liu street and its district within the community (village) staff came to help.When all hands were together, she immediately divided everyone into a number of groups, door by door, compared with people’s room information, verify the actual number of residents, check personnel information.In order to ensure that “no one is missing,” Jing suhei conducted a survey of more than 5,000 people living in 1,300 households in 34 buildings.As an old neighborhood, there were no elevators, and her sweat soaked her suit every time she checked, but she thought it was deserved and worth it.After efforts, at 5 p.m., they notified everyone in the whole community to come for nucleic acid testing.Medical workers conduct nucleic acid tests for elderly people in Guangxia community of Congtai district, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, March 15, 2019.The nucleic acid test was completed around 7 p.m.Jing su-ping and his colleagues took no time to eat and reported the nucleic acid test information to the epidemic prevention and control department overnight.At 1:00 a.m. on The 14th, they finally finished the nucleic acid test.At this time, Well su-ping found that because the incident was sudden, their community cadres did not prepare bedding.It’s the middle of the night. How do you get to sleep?They suddenly remembered that there were some paper quilts piled up in the corner of the office, so they put two stools together, put a paper quilt on top of it, and lay down on it to rest.At 5 am on The 14th, Sui Suhei and his colleagues began to organize the second round of nucleic acid testing for all residents.They call every door, and when they can’t, they call every door.”It’s only been two days. You don’t eat well, sleep well, and have lost your voice. Let us help you!”At this time, the residents of the community were moved by their action, have signed up to be volunteers.On the afternoon of March 15, when reporters interviewed Sui Su-hei, she said happily: “Although our normal work and life have been interrupted, everyone here is actively acting and working hard. I believe that this spring, we will definitely overcome the epidemic.””Epidemic” can not be resigned, they are in action “Hello, I am the community staff, inform you tomorrow morning 6:30 to community square to do nucleic acid……”At 9 PM on March 14, the lights were still on in the fuxing District’s petrochemical street office, and the staff were calling the community residents again and again to make sure that no one should be checked out.Residents stood in long lines and waited patiently.After receiving the nucleic acid test of all staff in fuxing district in the afternoon, the whole petrochemical street quickly entered the “epidemic” state.According to the system of “special teams in charge” of the five nucleic acid testing sites, personnel are assigned positions and responsibilities with a clear division of labor.Or going from street to street, Posting “nucleic acid testing” guiding signs at key entrances and intersections;Or stare closely at the screen, carefully statistics report troubleshooting information;Or communicate with medical staff in advance, schedule various materials, and prepare the sampling area in place…Neon flashing outside, time has arrived in the early morning of the 15th, the community workers are still busy nervously…The night of the emergency situation is only many, in order not to miss any notice, after returning home community workers will be the largest telephone tone, and sleep with clothes, so that something can with the fastest speed back to the unit.Liu Hongxia, community staff member of the liquor store, came to the community in the early morning of 15th simply because she was worried about the work at hand.With apprehension and worry, Liu hongxia and her colleagues hardly slept a wink.By 5:30 a.m., they were on duty, making final preparations for the nucleic acid test on The 15th.Residents take nucleic acid tests at an IKEA garden in Congtai district, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, March 15, 2019.”Please line up one meter apart, don’t get too close, and open the health code in advance.”In the wine building community nucleic acid testing point, shu Yanling, deputy director of the petrochemical street is busy all the time.Assist medical staff to register personnel information later;We’ll keep order and channel the crowd.As long as she sees residents encounter problems in the process of scanning, she will be the first to come forward to solve them.In these two days, ShuYanLing busy busy outside, both to dispatching work, “a street co” stresses the mobilization, and need to the various points of supervision, originally bright big eyes some redness, shoulder and some ache, but she’s busy these, because here: precious time appear nervous and she had to open the “acceleration” model.As the hour hand points to 10:10, as the nucleic acid testing of most residents in the community is basically completed, the number of people who have not completed nucleic acid testing is gradually reduced. The petrochemical street has divided the original 5 fixed points into 11 detection groups, implementing the detection mode of “grouping and arranging points flexibly”, which is convenient for the masses.Scheduling, coordination, communication…A series of work carried on nervously, blink of an eye, arrived at lunch time.Shu Yanling and her colleagues hurriedly picked up two bites of instant noodles, and quickly began a new round of household work……At 5 am on March 15, Yang Huihuan, a volunteer in Chunhui Community, dongliu Street, dressed in a red vest, came to the nucleic acid testing site in the community with 27 other volunteers. This was the first day of their volunteer work.Residents take nucleic acid samples at a residential area in Handan District, southwest China’s Hebei Province, March 15, 2019.Chunhui community was closed at noon on the 13th, community residents have been tested twice nucleic acid.However, in order to effectively control the risk of the spread of the epidemic, On March 15, Handan Congtai District, Handshan District, Jingkai District and Fuxing District decided to carry out three rounds of nucleic acid testing for all members in each district.At that time, there were many problems such as the need for nucleic acid testing in communities, large tasks and a shortage of medical staff. The number of medical staff responsible for nucleic acid testing in Chunhui community was also reduced from more than 40 to 8.In order to cope with the shortage of medical staff, Chunhui community called on residents to participate in voluntary services in the community owners wechat group for the first time.Yang huihuan told reporters that the community called on residents to participate in the volunteer service in the group at around 11 PM on The 14th. At this time, some residents had already fallen asleep and did not see the news in the group, but 17 people still signed up in just one hour, Yang Huihuan also signed up at the first time.When communicating with the community staff, she found that the number of applicants did not reach the expected 25. Since volunteers were needed to participate in the maintenance of nucleic acid testing order the next day, she immediately decided to call on her neighbors to participate in the volunteer work.Yang huihuan’s neighbor Zhang Li ‘e and others signed up for the volunteer service as soon as they heard about it.Eventually, chunhui community volunteers up to 28 people.”Keep your distance!”Don’t crowd!”Please show me your e-health card!””Please take your temperature!””Thanks for your cooperation!”Yang huihuan and volunteers guided residents to take samples in an orderly manner from 5 am until the nucleic acid test was completed for all members of the community.”I don’t really feel tired. I just stand for a long time. When I relax, my legs feel wooden.In fact, I twisted my leg a few days ago and had acupuncture. But when I saw the community call for residents to participate in volunteer service yesterday, even the pain in my leg stopped.”Yang Huihuan, 47, told reporters she would serve with all the volunteers until the last day.”In fact, our volunteer work is really insignificant, or thanks to the efforts of the medical staff.As far as I know, the doctors who are providing nucleic acid to our residents today have not slept a wink since yesterday, let alone gone home.”Yang huihuan said, in fact, some of the medical staff and her children as old, watching them stand for hours, repeating the same movement thousands of times, is really distressed.Yang huihuan said that after completing nucleic acid tests for all community residents, medical workers also need to check whether medical waste has been left in the community to ensure that there is no contamination throughout the community.”My eyes turned red as I watched their backs bend and their feet drag slightly under their suits.’go!Get on electric car, elder sister take you to check, don’t walk!'” In fact, the community is a big family, the more critical the moment, the more we have to pull together.At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak was just beginning and disinfectant and face masks were in short supply, Yang huihuan bought four barrels of disinfectant containing 50 kilograms.She contacted the community immediately and gave two buckets of disinfectant to the community for free. She also told the neighbors in the owners group that residents in need could come to her house with small bottles for free. At the same time, she insisted on voluntarily spraying disinfectant in the corridor twice a day.”The sun is perfect and the spring is in full bloom.I am confident that the epidemic will pass and prosperity will continue.”Yang Huihuan confidently told reporters.At 4am on March 15, it was still dark. Master Du, a property worker in Xiangxie Huadu Community, left his house without having breakfast.At 5 o ‘clock, he came to the community to meet his colleagues and began to arrange the nucleic acid test site.At 6 o ‘clock, two doctors carrying two large boxes for nucleic acid tests arrived at the building where the journalist lived.Then put the nucleic acid medical supplies on two parallel tables, quickly organized.The two stools behind the table were pushed back by the two doctors, and two boxes were placed on them for easy access.At 6:30 a.m., residents went downstairs and lined up for nucleic acid tests.When reporters came to the scene, the line was long, but the pace was fast.It was a chilly spring morning, and most of the residents were wrapped in thick cotton-padded coats.Property staff in the middle of the line to remind you to prepare the electronic health code in advance.When an elderly person was alone and could not operate a mobile phone, the staff helped her find the electronic health code and took her to the front of the line.Reporter asked in front of Ms. Li, epidemic, whether feel panic?”I feel relieved. We citizens must actively cooperate with the nucleic acid test,” Lee said.A young woman in the back overheard the conversation and said, “We’re nervous if we don’t do nucleic acid tests.By working together, the outbreak will end sooner or later.”At about 10 am, the nucleic acid test of the whole building residents was completed.The two doctors who performed nucleic acid tests had been standing since 6 o ‘clock and had no time to sit down.At 11 o ‘clock, a supermarket which had been contacted in advance by the property management community specially sent a truck carrying vegetables, milk, eggs, oranges, whole boxes of instant noodles and other items.This move, touched a lot of owners.Property notice residents, wear masks, can go downstairs to buy food queue.Reporters to line up, just to hear the person in charge of the property will be moving off the supermarket staff said, must give everyone cheap point.Reporters incidentally bought a bag of mushrooms and a box of milk, the price is normal.Handan Media reporter Liu Kun xue Yalan Wang Mengjie Zhao Honglin Rong Zhiqing/Wen Fan Wenping Qiu Yonghui Hao Qunying Li Lei Hu Xiaohua/film