3 domestic universities cost-effective, not 985/211, but comparable to 985 strength

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There are many universities in China, but how to judge the strength of a university is mainly based on whether it is a 985 university or a 211 university. When choosing a university in the college entrance examination, many students choose 985 university or 211 university as their first choice. In China, there are only a limited number of such universities.Can provide places rarely, even the slightest difference can make you miss your choice of university, and today I’m going to introduce the three universities of China, they do not 985, not 211, but their strength is very strong, and tsinghua university, Peking University alongside each other, you can be admitted to any university, and even win.1, Beijing union medical college, Beijing union medical college is directly under the national health and family planning commission of the People’s Republic of China, the only national key medical university, with the Chinese academy of medical sciences is the China national medical academic center and comprehensive scientific research institution and management system, and also is the earliest Chinese with eight years of clinical medicine and nursing undergraduate education of colleges and universities,Best medical college, China – Beijing union medical college of Beijing union medical college not only in China, and in Asia and the world is the best medicine, it is deserved, holy land Peking union medical college hospital of traditional Chinese medicine although have cooperation relationship with tsinghua, can undertake the original 985, 211 project, but its strength is beyond doubt, and it is independent of running a school,It is not a key university of 985 or 211.2, foreign affairs college foreign affairs college is directly under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a small scale, high level and distinctive national key university, aims to contribute to the cause of China’s diplomacy, cultivating talents, diplomacy and foreign affairs, also known as “the cradle of Chinese diplomats”, it is called “the cradle of Chinese diplomats”, is the only to the Chinese foreign ministry subordinate to national key university,Cfau is the backbone of new China’s diplomacy, foreign affairs and international research. If you have excellent academic records and are interested in diplomacy, then applying to CFAU is your best choice.The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is officially approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as a unique combination of science and education, mainly graduate education institutions, granting doctoral degrees. The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is relatively ordinary, generally does not participate in the university rankings, the university is neither 985 nor 211.But each year the university entrance exam admit fractional line is second only to clear the fudan, it is important to note the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of university two scholars number far outweigh the total number of scholars of tsinghua university and Peking University, and schools of the overall strength of strong, even stronger, better strength of the tsinghua university and Beijing university!The students who graduate from these schools are very popular in terms of employment and are recognized and welcomed by the society. Therefore, it is very orderly if they can study in such schools.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.