A map to help you pass guangzhou design Capital, 20 new roads officially named

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Recently, the municipal government approved the naming of 20 roads, including Hezhan Road, the design capital of Guangzhou, which was declared by the Baiyun District Branch of the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, covering an area of about 380,000 square meters.Guangzhou Design Capital is located in helong Street, north of Baiyun New City, where guangzhou Metro Line 2, Guangzhou Metro Line 3 and the second phase of Guangzhou Metro Line 14 under construction meet. It is located at the leading position of Guangzhou-Shenzhen science and technology innovation Corridor and innovation node of Guangzhou Airport economy Demonstration Zone.As a key project of the city, the project has been under construction since June 2019. The project has been advancing rapidly, with modern business office buildings, design halls and shopping malls springing up from the ground. At present, more than 10 buildings have been capped and will soon be put into use.The park has introduced leading enterprises in the industry, such as Guangdong Provincial Transportation Planning and Design Institute Co., LTD., Guangzhou Opai Home Design Institute Co., LTD., Guangzhou Baiyun District Park Investment and Operation Co., LTD., China Communications Fourth Navigation Bureau First Engineering Co., LTD., and Guangzhou Adolf Personal Care Products Co., LTD., and the investment is progressing smoothly.In order to do a good job in supporting the park, the park has built an accessible and spacious road.Baiyun district branch of city planning and natural resource bureau officials said, the design of guangzhou are obtained after 20 road, road of popular easy to remember, moral good, not only help people more convenient traffic zone, and timely solve the enterprise zone due to the internal roads without a formal road, located enterprises couldn’t deal with house number,Problems encountered in civil activities such as industrial and commercial registration and contract signing.In order to speed up the naming of roads in the park, The Baiyun District Branch of the Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources took the initiative to consult with the District Civil Affairs Bureau, Helong Street and Yongping Street for many times, actively solicited the opinions of the district public security department and relevant villages, and successfully obtained the approval of road names under the guidance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.It has created conditions for The design capital of Guangzhou to become the cradle of international brands clustered in the design industry of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the first “Belt and Road” design service trade center in South China, and the first B2B design service sharing platform in Guangzhou.Guangzhou Design Capital 20 new road name article/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower city reporter Du Juan correspondent Suiguo capital publicity picture/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter Du Juan correspondent Suiguo capital publicity Guangzhou Daily · New flower City editor: Zhang Yu