I want to be a brother with You episode 11: Gao Yang Ye Xiaowen quarrel

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Ye Xiaowen took Gao Yang to the playground, let him and his long-distance race, Gao Yang did not want to ignore, but Ye Xiaowen said if Gao Yang can run fifty laps, he recognized Gao Yang do brother, Gao Yang this just came to the spirit, promised ye Xiaowen than a game.The match began, and gao Yang dashed out directly, Ye Xiaowen slowly behind gao Yang, but over time, gao Yang gradually weakened, been Ye Xiaowen overhaul, gao Yang desperately want to catch up, but Ye Xiaowen has far ahead, two people have been run in the evening, gao write program wrote half out breathable, vaguely see two people in the running,Still wondering whose kid worked so hard.Run to the end, gao Yang is really insist on not to live, he fell to the ground, the Ye Xiaowen to ridicule him, gao Yang struggled up and ran a few steps, but before a few steps, and then fell, Ye Xiaowen desperately dragging gao, gao Yang legs can prop up my body, there are 35 laps Ye Xiaowen told him he finished, gao Yang chose to give up, Ye Xiaowen that teaches the gao Yang,He said he and Mijia began to practice long-distance running at the age of eight. They trained like this every day, but Gao Yang was always three minutes hot, and nothing could be done. What Gao Yang wanted to do, he had not thought clearly, but Gao Yang was too tired to refute.Gao Bin wrote a night program in the office, president Kim came to the office to see Gao Bin too tired to fall asleep on the table, then gave him a blanket, by the way looked at gao Bin write track and field team program, he picked up the pen to gao Bin write twenty students changed to thirty, said to force gao Bin.Before Kim Bauer hotan dream know m best wish is to see their parents, two people will find several newspaper putting noto want help m plus a tracing, but let Kim Bauer m better don’t take it too seriously, just saying, because good elder sister-in-law said metres better parents had deserted her, elder sister-in-law don’t want to see them, but Kim Bauer says there are misunderstandings, among one thousand haven’t say that finish,There are students called Ye Xiaowen and Mi Jia to gao Bin office, the original is to start the national competition, Gao Bin gave them the number of two people, and told Ye Xiaowen to pay attention to the men’s group Chen Sze, two people almost the same, only iron yuan city first to enter the next round of competition.Dong Dawei suddenly found Gao Yang to help him do things, Gao Yang felt strange, do not know what medicine Dong Dawei sell in the gourd, he told ye Xiaowen about it, Ye Xiaowen still thinking about the game, absent-minded said maybe Dong Dawei trap.Gao Bin took some learning materials to Dong Dawei’s house, Dong Dawei was very grateful, then Dong Dawei went home to see Gao Bin, hello are not turned away.The headmaster called Kim Bauer to the office, gold beibei the mid-term exam again at the bottom, gold principal worry Kim Bauer, let her and Ye Xiaowen study well, don’t sum golds, added three later will be adjusted for age, gold principal took out a book, let Kim Bauer finish it these days.Gao Yang Ye Xiaowen as the goal, these days have been follow Ye Xiaowen learning, he also wanted to talk to, even Ye Xiaowen training but Ye Xiaowen says gao Yang will affect their training, don’t let golds followed, m better think Ye Xiaowen too nervous, Ye Xiaowen said he must get a championship, oneself don’t want to ask others, also don’t want to let others to help themselves.Gao Yang find Ye Xiaowen in tiantai, said he wanted to buy a pair of shoes to match for Ye Xiaowen, but Ye Xiaowen says they don’t need, as long as gao Yang don’t bother yourself, gao Yang recall Ye Xiaowen always bother yourself, ask whether he have put his when friends, Ye Xiaowen said don’t care about our friends is not friends, oneself want to win the game, admitted to the university, only the gao Yang as a roommate,Gao Yang suddenly became angry.Back to class after class, Gaoyang proposed to change seats to Mr Wu, Mr Wu said grade now to class, they want to set up a rocket class, the top thirty grade will go to the rocket class, Ye Xiaowen and Tian Dream are arranged to the rocket class, and Mi jia and Park Nine went to the third class, and Gaoyang gold beibei a class.Cattle late late also went to the rocket class, but also deliberately close to Ye Xiaowen, Ye Xiaowen is very indifferent.After school, Gao Yang and find Ye Xiaowen, let him talk about it, they are not friends.Gao Bin to meet the Olympic high school track and field team program favored by the director, vice principal happy, let Gao Bin next week will field team set up, also said the original television station to interview.