It’s worth $1.5 billion!It is jingdong’s turn to send red envelopes during the Spring Festival Gala. What are the tycoons fighting for?

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The annual Spring Festival Gala is coming, and the Red envelope war will come to a climax tonight!This year, it’s’s turn to hand out red envelopes.As early as Jan 5, officials announced that will be the exclusive interactive partner of the 2022 Gala.The campaign has been running since Jan 24 and will last until The Lantern Festival (Feb 15), with handing out red envelopes and goods worth a total of 1.5 billion yuan.How do you get involved?Users can book interactive activities of the Spring Festival Gala in advance by logging in to the JD APP. When they hear the host’s password, they pick up their phone, open the APP and “shake” it.Ever since wechat sparked the red envelope craze with the help of the Gala in 2014, the annual red envelope event has become an annual feast for Internet giants.For example, in the last four years (2018-2021), the gala’s exclusive interactive partners were Taobao, Baidu, Kuaishou and Douyin.Taobao and Kuaishou each spent 1 billion yuan giving out red envelopes during the Spring Festival Gala, While Baidu spent 900 million yuan and Tiktok gave out 1.2 billion yuan during last year’s Spring Festival Gala.So what are the giants fighting over when they spend so much money on the party?Ultimately, what they compete for is the huge traffic brought by the gala.With the show’s traffic, giants can promote new businesses, add new users, expand national awareness and so on.Wechat Pay, for example, became famous through the Gala.In 2014, more than 8 million users participated in wechat Spring Festival Gala red envelope activity.In 2015, wechat once again teamed up with the Spring Festival Gala to launch a “shake” campaign to grab red envelopes, which brought 20 million new users to wechat Pay, and the total amount of red envelopes exceeded 1 billion.With the help of the force of the Spring Festival Gala, wechat pay successfully “counterattack” Alipay.In 2021, As the exclusive interactive partner of the Spring Festival Gala, Douyin launched product matrix of Douyin, Toutiao and Watermelon Video to achieve maximum drainage.During the Spring Festival Gala alone, A total of 70.3 billion interactions were made with Douyin red envelopes, while New Year greetings videos posted through Douyin were viewed 50.6 billion times and received 6.2 billion likes.With the abundance of entertainment activities, the audience rating of the Spring Festival Gala has begun to decline gradually in recent years, but JINGdong has given out 1.5 billion red envelopes and real goods, which has set a record in the history of Spring Festival Gala activities!Of course, despite the decline in the gala’s ratings, it covers the most extensive and diverse user groups, which may be of great help to JINGdong’s efforts to sink into the market.Users in small cities and counties who may not be sensitive to smart phones, the Internet and JINGdong have a high degree of trust in CCTV.The company’s growth in active users is had 552 million active users in the third quarter of last year, up 110 million from 2020, but growth slowed to 25 percent from 29 percent in the first quarter, the data showed.So the 2022 Spring Festival Gala gives a chance to open a fast track to a sinking market.Of course, it will also play a role in expanding jd’s national popularity and promoting new businesses.