“Learning the most beautiful” Tianzhu county held “the most beautiful grassroots police” comrade Di Shijun advanced deeds propaganda report meeting

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Great from ordinary, struggle achievement is the most beautiful.To better learning “national best grassroots police” comrade DiShiJun advanced deeds, following the example of “the national most beautiful grassroots police”, keep in mind the nature of the aim, strengthening bear mission, forge ahead, with vigorous spirit and struggle attitude, active in construction of ecological beauty, industry, culture and the people rich happiness heavens wish vivid practice, on February 17,Tianzhu county held “the most beautiful grassroots police” comrade Di Shijun advanced deeds publicity report.County leaders Shen Zhongdao, Yang Haojie, Wang Zuoxiu, Meng Shoutang, Zhu Wulin, Li Zhijie, Chen Guofeng, Wang Zhengzu, Zhang Wenhong, Xue Jinyu, Zhang Fuhong and other listened to the lecture report.It’s cold outside and passionate inside.County museum multifunctional lecture hall was full, from time to time came bursts of applause, more than a hundred cadres and the masses gathered together to listen to the report.”Hello!My name is Di Shijun…”In a warm applause at the scene, “the most beautiful grassroots police officers in the country” came to the speech, looking back and sharing a bitter and happy grassroots police station story.Twelve years, Di Shijun comrade in leadership and colleagues under the help and support, from daily receiving and handling police work, arrest interrogation investigation handling cases, contradictions and disputes investigation resolve the daily work of the police station, continue to strengthen learning, exercise skills, gradually from a layman to grow for the backbone of the team handling cases;Come 12 years, he and comrade-in-arms are on duty together vigil, climb ice lie snow together, go through life and death together, be in family affairs again and again together, you more I am little mediation in drag exhaustion to set foot on the way home, he and comrade-in-arms always think, the satisfaction of common people is the biggest affirmation to the job, also be the source of police happiness.”The most beautiful grassroots police” Tianzhu county public Security bureau dozen chaigou police station director Di Shijun: no matter in what post, as long as the real intention, with affection, force, for the area of the masses to do every little thing, the work to do the hearts of the masses, the masses will support, recognition of us.I think to do the ordinary things solid is extraordinary.Since the police, Di Shijun comrade step by step growth, in the ordinary post unknown to the public, selfless dedication, with the responsibility to maintain stability, with dedication to protect peace, made extraordinary performance, grow as the day wish public security front outstanding representative.In January 2022, he was awarded the title of “The most beautiful grassroots police officer in China” by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Public Security, and was the only police officer in Gansu province to receive this honor.He was also awarded the county’s Excellent Political and legal Police, excellent police station, and the province’s most beautiful grassroots police in 2021.Li Bingqi, cadre of Tianzhu Rong Media Center: As a member of the publicity report group, I feel very honored to share with you the advanced deeds of Di Shijun, “the most beautiful grassroots police officer in China”.At the same time, I hope that through my preaching and sharing can inspire more party members and cadres and the masses to learn advanced, to be advanced.Propaganda group member Bai Shanshan, Luo Wenguo, Li Bingqi respectively from the perspective of comrade-in-arms, masses, reporters, with simple language, touching story, vivid details, sincere feelings, to show di Shijun comrade loyal performance of duty, willing to contribute to the advanced deeds.The audience was moved by the deeds of Di Shijun, from time to time in the field rang out warm applause.They said that they should draw strength of personality, spirit and struggle from their role models, internalize them in their pursuit of values and externalize them in their conscious actions, and realize their value in life while striving for the cause of the Party and the people.Zhao Wenjing, secretary of youth League committee of Tianzhu No.1 Middle School: I was very moved by the report. As a grassroots teacher, we should take Di Shijun as an example, learn his advanced deeds seriously, and actively shine in our own post.We have said, to “the national most beautiful grassroots police” comrade DiShiJun for example, to learn he does not forget beginner’s mind, forever loyal political character, learning bet his innovation and strong fighting spirit, to study his heart is the masses, law enforcement for the people of noble morality, learning his forge ahead, to create the first-class determination, study he dedicated and selfless lofty character,Consciously into the full implementation of the strategy of “big five”, to pay special attention to the “eight big thing”, strive to build a “wish” eight days of practice, the firm go the way of ecological priority, green development, continue to do play sharp, overcome the difficult, precise pragmatic, in the struggle, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honours.Source | tianzhu county financial media center | the spotlight proofreading | ZiMu stone three municipal public security bureau held a meeting organization focused on learning related work
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