Letter 19: Mixed feelings

2022-07-28 0 By

Dear friend: Hello, see word such as face.Today, IT occurred to me that I had seen a short animated film a long time ago. It said that if everyone you met had a progress bar on his head, recording the progress of your fate with him, then what would be different story happened.It may be that we pluck up the courage to say hello to those friends and partners we’ve been with for so long when we first see 1% of the progress bar.It may be that the progress bar jumps to 100% when you get off the bus after seeing that heart-throb on the bus.It may be that the progress bar, which used to be harmonious and slow, was accelerated to 99% due to a quarrel or misunderstanding;…I think of a book “The Story of Your Life” I heard before. This book ostensibly tells a story about an alien seven-legged barrel living in nonlinear time coming to the Earth. In fact, it tells a story about the heroine who studies seven-legged barrel language to master the ability of de-causation to see through life and see through the future.She sees a future in which a physicist working on seven-limb barrels will propose to him, and the two will have a daughter, who will have an affair and leave the heroine when she is a teenager, and who will die in a skiing accident when she is 25.In the future, the heroine will lose her love and only daughter.This is a doomed tragedy in the future, if we like Japanese, also saw the ending, in parallel lives a life, like to eat hamburgers, bite, busy at different stages of life, it is also lost feeling and experience the pleasure of life, is also unable to change the ending of regret?Fortunately, the burger of our life is still being eaten from top to bottom, and our future is still full of uncertainty.Jiang Xiaoyun once said: life, there are many fate, some fate is a lifetime, some is just a short journey, even if only for a period of travel, enjoy the same scenery, is fate.Fate to cherish, edge do leave.I wish you a lot of harvest can go a lifetime of predestined people.Shenwen was launched in Wuhan on February 07, 2022