New dish studies | peng rui Shanghai debut cloud jiing bay will appear

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20 r&d centers of multinational corporations, 1000 high-tech enterprises, research institutes, headquarters of innovative enterprises…In the future, 100 billion industrial clusters will be concentrated in 103 science and technology innovation development areas.As the first Ceyuan industrial zone, 103 zone is composed of science and technology Innovation Headquarters Bay + the world’s top science community + science and technology innovation City. The whole area is developed as a piece, and the construction has been fully started.Domestic high-quality developers have also settled in, and Pengrui Group will layout its first works in Shanghai in this pilot demonstration area of Lingang.In the new large area development plan, Pengrui said that it would build the top scientific research base and future life supporting facilities according to the latest planning concept. Pengrui YunJing Bay is the first exploration task under the lingang high quality housing standard.In Shanghai, we are lucky to meet Topco. Guided by the spirit of sustainable science, Penrui Group innovatively builds Alpha Casa Peninsula International Community around the four scientific keywords of exploration, perfection, faith and romance, presenting the international paradigm of future life.Ultra-low energy Consumption Buildings ultra-low energy consumption buildings refer to buildings that adapt to climate characteristics and natural conditions, provide a comfortable indoor environment by adopting fresh air and heat recovery technology and utilizing renewable energy through better thermal insulation and airtight envelope.Green Building Three-star standard is the highest level certification of China’s Green Construction project. Green Three-star is to deeply study the impact of environment, resources and architecture during the whole life of the building, so as to present a healthy, applicable and efficient living space.5 technical indicators: safe and durable living, convenient environment, livable, healthy and comfortable resource saving of more than 60 points is one green star;A score above 70 is two green stars;A score of 85 or above is considered green.- data source: the intelligent community of the green building evaluation standard wisdom non-inductive passage: people subchannel ┃ smart license plate recognition ┃ face recognition system intelligence enjoy convenient life: health ┃ wisdom gas system ┃ mobile signal coverage in whole domain intellectual beauty community environment: air monitoring ┃ sponge design ┃ high altitude parabolic intelligent security monitoring system:┃ area public security ┃ regional security security smart lighting aesthetics: adjust community according to different periods of lights, with abundant light environment build an atmosphere of different communities based on time and space dimensions, search for people, nature, waterfront, construction integration symbiotic, assigned to the science and technology, to create “three chains, two garden, 15 scenarios” interactive intelligence community.Seven core technology Fu can enjoy new life in the future method to purify the air system | efficient central air conditioning system | | high-performance palisade structure sponge city global intelligence system | | | durable building materials green low carbon energy saving system six core strengths Bit led top section community building new highly secure trust:Set safety protection device shower panel safety anti explosive belt | | greening landscape slippery measure set intelligent wisdom: convenient, safe, efficient, intelligent household security gas detection | | | wisdom air quality monitoring habitable 2.0:Green science and technology combined with sponge city | permeable pavement area ratio is 50% or higher, prevent water and waterlogging Green shade | shade measures area proportion of 50% or more healthy and comfortable: constant temperature and humidity antinoise | clean fresh air system without thermal bridge design | design | high air tightness shutter shade (east & west & south to) | window than 1:6 (bedroom and living room) ventilation exhaust polluted Maintain humidity to reduce power consumption to prevent mold heat insulation heat preservation Improve lighting three two cavity hollow glass low-e glass | household sound insulation wall | sound insulation wall | noise floor in energy conservation and environmental protection:Exterior wall thermal insulation increase of water-saving power-saving energy-saving insulation system | > 60% rate > 65% energy-saving insulation roofing system | efficient central air conditioning;Combined supply of solar hot water and gas water heater (about 50% solar water heater);LED lamps save power ≥30% — Data Source:”Shanghai ultra low energy consumption building technical guidance (trial)” in community on the hot piece of the world’s leading scientists, perennial still adhere to the spirit of “1”, to build an artificial intelligence laboratory, goal the construction to be the best and most distinctive artificial intelligence research and development center in Shanghai office space, for families and community ZhaoCaiYinZhi top to contribute.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai