How about settling down in second-tier cities instead of first-tier cities?

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During the Spring Festival, a relative wanted to buy a house in Huizhou and asked everyone’s opinion.My relatives have been in Huizhou for more than 20 years, living there since I was in my 20s.Children also go to school and work there.The couple also do hard work —- vegetable vendor.Every morning three or four have to get up, selection, stock, stock.It’s very hard to wait for the rush hour at 7/8 o ‘clock.Earlier years to earn some money to listen to the old people: fallen leaves return to the roots, home to build a house.Houses are built, but they sit idle.I’ve been renting out, with the real economy going down.Factories are closing and fewer people are arriving.Business is not so good to do, the monthly rent, booth rent does not fall instead of rising.I have the idea of buying a house, but now, the trend of house prices are rising, the pressure to buy a house increased.Some hesitation, ask everyone’s opinion.Compared with the high housing prices in first – and second-tier cities, cities like Huizhou have fewer housing bubbles.From the point of view of living, the environment is the most valuable accessory.His son gave up the big city where he went to school and settled down in Huizhou.Compared with big cities, the advantages of cities like Huizhou are low cost of living, convenient transportation and higher happiness index.As an important node city in the Greater Bay Area, Huizhou has a good location environment and is an ecological and civilized city with mountains and lakes.Its ecological environment is excellent, and its air quality ranks among the top ten of 169 key monitoring cities in China. Its forest coverage rate reaches 62.42%, and its green development index ranks first in the province.In the “purchase restriction” environment, Huizhou did not completely shut the door.Huizhou’s purchase restriction is mainly targeted at Huiyang and Daya Bay, two key areas;On the other hand in two key areas, not this city census register still can buy a.Don’t let real estate speculation, but did not seal up the road just needed.It would also be nice to settle in Huizhou as a second city.After all, his family had lived in Huizhou for 20 years and already knew the city well.And their children also chose the city, of course, they bought the house in order to marry their son.Since the son chose to stay in the city, the parents made a down payment and let the son pay the mortgage on his own.At least grandchildren can settle down in Huizhou, without the pain of renting a house!