Man spent 345,000 yuan to hire 4 Vietnamese to kill but was cheated

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Name of cao and manifold after a certain contradiction because of debts were manifold threats, spend 65000 hired He Mou, 4 Vietnamese “lesson”, such as wang mou manifold after a worry about revenge, so pay 4 345000 again, and I agree to a “shotgun shot people plan” of four people, liao was shot and killed a photo soon, but it didn’t take long, the name of cao found manifold is still alive, and report to the police.Cao, a native of Beihai, Guangxi province, is studying at a local foreign language university.Cao Mou Ying debt dispute and Liao mou turned against each other, and repeatedly threatened by Liao Mou.So Cao decided to start strong, spend 65 thousand yuan hired he mou, Wang mou and other 4 Vietnamese to clean up Liao mou.Sure enough, cao soon received four Vietnamese sent, Liao was beaten head and blood, black and blue photos.Cho was very happy when he saw the photo.Happy, Cao worried that he would be Liao mou revenge, so suddenly decided to “buy murder”.Then instil he mou and Wang mou and other 4 people to kill Liao mou.He mou and Wang mou and other dead people received instructions after a promise, and ask Cao mou to pay “activity funds”.The two sides reached an agreement after consultation, Cao paid 345,000 yuan as a reward.He mou and Wang mou and others received money, drew up with “shotgun kill Liao mou plan” and consult Cao mou opinion, Cao immediately agreed.A few days later, he and Wang told Cao that Liao had been shot, and also sent photos of Liao being shot in the head with a shotgun.Cho saw the photo and got what he wanted.But before long, Cao often appeared in the place liao, but found liao is still alive, no injury.At this point, Cao suddenly felt cheated, so decisively choose to report to the police.The police soon captured he mou and Wang Mou and other 4 people, the original 4 people is a fraud gang, criminal record.4 people received cao money for the first time, found Liao, and asked Liao to cooperate with the bleeding photos, 4 people had wanted to fool cao to cheat some money even.But Cao was strong, asking 4 people to kill Liao.Seeing another chance to cheat them, the four men decided to shoot Cao in the head with a shotgun and made him voluntarily hand over 345,000 yuan.After the incident, Cao and 4 people confessed, guilty.He was finally arrested on August 11, 2021.In 2021, a man surnamed Hu in Hefei, Anhui province, paid a man surnamed Wu in Guigang, Guangxi Province, 60,000 yuan to kill his wife because of long-term discord with her.However, Wu came to Hefei and did not want to kill, so created a collection of photos and life trajectory of hu’s wife information, pretend to kill the illusion, both arrested after the incident.The same thing in both cases is that the hired killer was a liar and didn’t want to kill anyone.The difference is that the cheater Wu was arrested before he started to commit a crime, while the four people in this case were arrested after they had already started to commit a crime.Therefore, the two suspects of intentional homicide are not the same punishment.Cao is suspected of intentional homicide.Cao spent 65 thousand yuan for the first time, hire he mou and Wang mou 4 people lesson Liao mou behavior, belongs to intentional injury behavior, because Cao mou was cheated and did not cause Liao Mou harm, according to the provisions of the Law of public security punishment, should be fined or detained punishment.However, Cho is suspected of intentional murder for hiring He and Wang to kill Liao for 305,000 won.Intentional homicide refers to the act of intentionally and illegally depriving another person of life.For murder is a kind of behavior, even without killing the victim as a result, still constitute murder specific to the case name of cao has killed a liao intentionally subjective, objective and implemented to pay money, agreed to scatter shot people plan, the behavior of the manifold, and to provide personal information, so the name of cao constitute intentional homicide.However, the case as a result of cao will not succeed, so Cao belongs to attempted murder.An attempted criminal may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment compared with a completed criminal.According to the criminal Law, those who intentionally kill shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.If the circumstances are relatively minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 3 to 10 years.Cao mou in this case is a common homicide crime in the main culprit, should be given a heavier punishment.However, Cao voluntarily surrendered after committing the crime, with the plot of surrender.And plead guilty, also obtained the victim Liao mou’s understanding.Cao mou has legal and discretionary mitigating punishment circumstances.It is possible to be lenient in sentencing.What do you think? Leave a comment.– — — — — — — —