Tencent invested huge animation into a state of suspension, mystery technology: caused by the epidemic, the resumption of work for ever

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Update not in sight!Tencent video and xuanji science and technology joint production of two animation “engulf the starry sky”, “Wu Gengji” long break more, make many fans frankly cannot accept.Xuanji technology issued two announcements. The first one said it was force majeure caused by the transmission of media, and the second one said the resumption of work was uncertain because of the epidemic in Shanghai.”Swallowing the Stars.”Earlier, Tencent video issued a notice to suspend the update, saying that due to force majeure factors caused by medium transmission, the original plan to broadcast “Swallow the Stars” 39 episodes of the update will be suspended as soon as possible, the specific resumption of the broadcast time subject to the official notice.The announcement also said that thanks to the audience for the “Swallow the Sky” broadcast adjustment of understanding, also thanks to every audience all the way to support and stay together.A week later, instead of waiting for an update to episode 39, viewers were waiting for an announcement.According to a statement by Animation producer Xuanji Technology, Shanghai has adopted strict grading control and nucleic acid screening, and xuanji has actively responded to the epidemic prevention and control work, with a series of employees having to stay at home for prevention and control.Since March 16, the Shanghai branch has been informed by the relevant departments that all kinds of enterprises and units have stopped their business activities. By March 22, the Shanghai branch has not received the notice to resume work.Xuanji explained that animation production requires team cooperation, and some work can only be completed with the help of the company’s relevant technical equipment, which also leads to many employees in Shanghai branch can not work normally during the home quarantine period. Meanwhile, the animation brand that is being updated and under production is also affected to varying degrees.Mystery technology.Xuanji technology said that all staff will fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, obey the arrangements of relevant departments, let friends at home at ease isolation.At the same time, the functional departments and production departments with working conditions worked at home. Hangzhou and Qingdao also actively cooperated with each other to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the animation on the air and try their best to continue the company of their animations with the audience every week.Almost a month later, however, the 39th episode of swallowing the Stars has yet to be updated.For viewers, episode 39 was a big part of the story of the main character’s time on the Island of Fog, so it was a tough break.Unupdated anime appears in the recommended bit.Although there is no update, Tencent video still updates devouxingxing to the recommended position by changing the title and picture every week, leading many people to think there is an update, which is criticized by the audience.It is worth noting that Xuanji science and Technology production of another animation “Wugengji” and “Swallow the sky”, is currently stopped.Has urged more netizen ridicule, suggested to change the name to “break more ji”.The official reason for the suspension of wugengji was not announced, but some netizens left comments below the video saying it was due to unpaid advertising fees.Previously, there are also netizens speculate that “swallowing the starry sky” stop more with 315 exposure of Lao tan sauerkraut instant noodles.”Swallowing the Stars.”For xuanji science and technology will be attributed to the epidemic, there are netizens comment that there is no inventory at all?No plan at all?I don’t mean you’re risking your life for work, but it doesn’t make sense to be shut down for so long.The netizen’s comment is not excessive, in fact, the same “Douluo Mainland” produced by Xuanji Technology is still updated weekly on Tencent Video, has been serialized to 202 episodes.”Devour the Starry Sky” is the first sci-fi animated series produced by top Chinese and foreign animation companies in China by Tencent Video and Xuanji Technology. It will be released at the end of 2020. Tencent once had high hopes for it, saying that it is expected to become a representative Chinese comic work with industrial-grade 3D animated images and modern Oriental superhero stories.According to tencent video information, le-ping shen, founder of the stars swallowed up by the mystery of science and technology as a director, collected a total of 78 sets, the updated sets, 38 plays for 2.13 billion times, scoring 8.8 points, ranked ninth in the list of tencent video animation, the top three, respectively is “dou luo continent”, “perfect world”, “stars”.Among them, “Douluo mainland” because of its brilliant results, was written into Tencent financial statements.”Swallowing the Stars” came in at Number nine.The author of the novel I eat tomatoes were described, the stars eat absolutely is a big investment, is a top team, please mystery of science and technology, and is personally led le-ping shen director, also invite researchers to join Hollywood, just start production, build large scene model is more than 18000, of more than 120 million pictures, whether it be a shooting, rhythm, sound,Even the fist to the flesh in the fight is absolutely rare in Chinese comics, and the standard is also very high.Public information, the mystery of science and technology was established in 2005, the company based on the original cartoon film and television production, develop original content hatch, books, audio and video, derivatives, such as online games, film and television license IP full industrial chain brand operation, in addition to the above mentioned animation, also made the warlords bright moon, day line nine songs and other excellent animation brand.Xuanji completed its shareholding reform in 2020, which was seen at the time as preparation for a public listing.Xuanji’s latest financial data are not public, but the industry has estimated that its 2019 annual revenue of about 200 million yuan, net profit of more than 50 million yuan.From the perspective of equity structure, Tencent is the second largest shareholder holding 16.32% indirectly, Alibaba is the fourth largest shareholder holding 5.28%, and Bilibili is the tenth largest shareholder holding 3.29%.Article/Xiangcai Plus