Those interesting battle lineups in Chinese Odyssey 2

2022-07-29 0 By

A Chinese Odyssey of 2 of those interesting against the side of a Chinese Odyssey 2 against lineup, sometimes it is really interesting, for example when help fight, we often appear such a lineup that is 5 demon squad we know family units are basically very high h. fierce male role.Faced with such a lineup is generally difficult to beat it, most of the cases are by the five ghost lineup to drag the game to 40 rounds, and then the system will determine which side will be more dominant according to the consumption judgment, generally the five ghost lineup wins.Therefore, this kind of lineup is very disgusting in gang battles, and also makes the player speechless. After all, it gives the player a feeling of being humbled, if it is not much stronger than 5 male ghosts and can crush them, they will be dragged to the last round in most cases, which is very bad.After all to help fight can surrender, but for many the beginning of the advantages of the player is never surrender, the result that it took so long time being dragged her into the final round, was convicted of failure is very afflictive, besides it on another time showdown is very interesting, is the side of the team are all with gold,On the other side of the team are all miaoyinluan women, can be said to be a common player and krypton gold players a sharp contrast.Talking about the golden beast, can say now is not good of summoning, even if has a three ultimate skill gold beast, and still no takers, and with the physical mechanism of the modification, a lot of baby’s attributes are adjusted, voices bears a female is one of the most sought-after summoning, after all, in general, voices luan woman or higher performance to price ratio.But for some small krypton gold players or unable to consume, after all, the light has wonderful sound luan female is not enough also need full rhinocolus, this is more expensive.Therefore, in the current situation, the requirements for players are relatively high, such as resistance equipment also need to have several sets of enough.