Wechat support chat image search hot search netizen: How hard is it to come up with useful features?

2022-07-29 0 By

Ouyang Hongyu, a cover news reporter, had no other way to retrieve a picture he had posted in the wechat chat interface but to browse it one by one…Starting today, you won’t have that problem anymore.On February 17, some netizens found that the iOS version of wechat has updated the “chat image search” function, which has been pushed to most users.Instead of searching for images one by one, you can search for images in a chat by typing in text or an image description.Reporter tests found that users can turn on the feature in Settings – general – Photos, Videos, Files and Calls.When enabled, for example, you type in “people” to retrieve all the photos related to people in a chat.It is understood that the function also added “documents”, “TWO-DIMENSIONAL code”, “screenshots”, “plants” and other classification search buttons, after selecting the classification can be corresponding to the search of relevant classification pictures.Previously, users could only search by typing text content into the search box in wechat chat.Although the function is only in the process of using some details of wechat changes, but many users said that this function incense, for users to bring a lot of convenience.In particular, it will be more efficient to find specific pictures in some wechat group chats that have sent a large number of pictures and videos.However, some users feel that this feature is optional.Some netizens said that this function is not commonly used in the use of ordinary users, but not as important as the “friends post original picture”, “friends edit”, “friends delete each other” and other functions.