Every day seems to repeat yesterday, yet the world is always changing

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It’s cold. How do I live these days?The sound of wind, rain, reading, family affairs, national affairs, everything concerned about every day seems to be no different from yesterday, however, you will find that the world is always changing after a little combing.Education Bureau forbids the release of final scores The sentence that the primary school teacher used to say to encourage children to review well is no longer working.Which sentence is it?If you study hard and get a good score in the final exam, you will get more lucky money for the New Year.When the child gets a good score, parents and children are so happy that they sit and wait for the Chinese New Year relatives to sit around and ask the score, and the child gets lucky money happily.If the child does badly in the exam, the child may be fine, but the parents feel uncomfortable, wondering whether to make up a fake score or tell the truth when the relatives ask about the score.However, from the beginning of this winter vacation, healthy and poor students are equal, all face raise confident smile.The final examination of the lower grades is cancelled directly. For the higher grades, the education bureau prohibits teachers from publishing the scores of any examinees.Wait until your child takes the high school entrance exam to surprise you with admission to a key high school, or turn years of expectation into a dismal low score (but the general high line).Wechat moments now allows users to select 20 photos from their wechat moments. The official version of wechat 8.0.18 has been updated on January 26, and one of the new features is eye-catching.Previously, wechat moments could only send a maximum of nine pictures, which was nicknamed “jiugongzhi” by Chinese people.After the update, when you post pictures in Moments, if the number of pictures exceeds 9, there will be a prompt at the bottom: select more than 9 pictures and make them into a new video before Posting them.Then, you can choose the templates and background music you want to publish.Take more photos during the Spring Festival and use the new functions of wechat!Turn on Douyin and watch videos at night. Oh my God, the videos of shuttlecock kicking are so popular.Many of my friends’ videos are about shuttlecock kicking, with children, young girls, young men, middle-aged men, middle-aged xu Niang and old grandparents dancing.The first two rhythms I can jump, is “jump jump jump” “jump jump jump”;After the rhythm is a little long, I counted, about the left and right feet at a constant speed rotation jump six times.The whole picture is very lively, the dancers are as light as a swallow, the colorful shuttlecock fell from the air on time, just touch the dancers feet.As one shuttlecock falls, the other one is rising, rising and falling like a butterfly.How’s that?You also have a shuttlecock kicking dance!The weather has not been sunny for more than ten days. It is cold and rainy.On January 20, my son went home for vacation. I washed the quilt cover and bed sheet he brought back with me with the washing machine, threw them half dry and then hung them on the balcony. They were not dry for a week.Family underwear, socks air on the balcony, after two days to touch or wet.There was no choice but to dry them with an electric heater.In general, there were more sunny days and less rainy days in this year. Even after the start of Autumn, the hot weather lasted for more than a month. After the start of winter, the weather was warm like spring for a long time.But in the days approaching the Spring Festival, the Lord revealed a cold face.However, hubei province public security county on the streets of the bustling, heavy traffic, such as woven people.Supermarkets are crowded, and people check out with their carts (or shopping baskets) full.The delivery boy shuttles through the streets of the city to witness the enthusiasm of the citizens.I wonder if it is true that people’s purchasing power decreases during the pandemic.Why are everyone so rich?I just need to bring the supermarket home!No matter how cold the weather is, it can not stop the public security people’s enthusiasm for the New Year.Article by Li Xianghong, member of Hubei Writers Association