“Faker disappointed with coaching staff”!Insiders exposed T1 the truth of the palace, Zefa fell into the pot man

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Preamble: When it comes to the most successful club of LOL, many players will think of T1, also known as SKT before.This team won 3 S championships, and in the S12 season, it was still the top strong team in THE LCK League. In the LCK “Spring Festival Gala War”, T1 strongly beat DK, showing a strong toughness and unusually steady style. Li Ge’s unbeaten Monster, Gumayusi’s Ember and Policewoman left a deep impression on the audience.However, the team experienced a palace feud in 2021 that almost led FAKER to leave the team.In early February, an insider revealed the truth of the T1 dispute.After THE DK predecessor DWG won the S10 World Championship, coach Daeny and Zefa officially joined T1. However, T1 has faced a low point in recent years, with a round of playoffs and slow adjustment in summer games. Players and coaches are suspected to have conflicts.In the end, the two coaches fired, causing a “palace fight” that fans were talking about.According to the source, Daeny has been given a high level of power since joining T1. The management is mainly responsible for publicity and marketing, and Daeny is in charge of the team and matches. However, his rotation has caused resentment among T1 players.One of the fuse was the psychological consultant in T1 team. When he was giving psychological consultation to T1 players, he found that the players were under great pressure and felt confused because the rotation and training matches in the team were badly below the expectation. Later, the consultant reported to the management, and the upper level noticed this problem.In addition, according to the sources, it is unfair for Zefa to be fired because he has been acting as a mediator between Daeny and the players. Some of the players also like Zefa, but it may be because of contract issues.Both coaches were eventually fired, and Zefa became the villain of the moment.Daeny returned to DK work after dismissal, so also by many water friends ridicule as DK sent to T1 “ghost coach”.In addition, the insider also revealed a detail that FAKER was very disappointed with the T1 coaching team and did not want to renew his contract during the transfer period after the S11 World Championship. Finally, JM, the executive, went to FAKER’s home to discuss in person and retained Li Ge.T1 executives later wrote about the near-loss of FAKER and also mentioned the incident.And because of the palace fighting incident, T1 executives full of hatred for Daeny, has repeatedly said that Daeny exists “cheating” behavior, this T1 revenge DK, relevant executives estimate will be extremely excited.After winning the S11 World championship, EDG played JIEEJIE said that they had learned a lot from T1. In the S12 spring championship, T1’s state was getting better and better, and directly hit a wave of 6 consecutive wins. In the eyes of many LCK water friends, T1 and EDG are the two strongest teams at present.T1 management will also pay more attention to the league division after the palace affair.Compared to T1, DK feels much weaker than S11 after losing The original God and Khan. Xu xiu’s condition has also declined, but Canyon has been in C, so LCK is likely to compete with GENG this season.So the final question is, do you think T1 is the best team on the LCK?