How fine!Liu Shaolin’s foul on 1000 meters: The penalty is correct, Ren Ziwei should win gold

2022-07-30 0 By

On February 9, Beijing time, Wang Meng in the program for the previous Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating men’s 1,000m final Liu Shaolin fouls at the last minute of the detailed answer, she confirmed through the international Skating Federation’s latest rules and video judgment accurate, Ren Ziwei deserved the gold medal.Liu shaolin crossed the finish line first and Ren Ziwei second in the previous 1,000m final.After reviewing the video replay, the referee called two fouls on Liu to cancel the result and Ren ziwei won the gold medal.The Hungarian team appealed, but it was rejected by the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation.Wang Meng listed the rules of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation in the program.F6: At the finish line/Dangerous Sprint: Short track speed skating is a race in which the skates touch the line and stop the clock.It is forbidden to kick the skates out, causing danger, or to shoot the body across the finish line.This means that the skater is allowed to move the skater forward to finish the game as quickly as possible, but the skater must have complete control of his balance and not interfere with other skaters.Wang meng pointed out that Liu’s first foul was a horizontal sliding foul when he did not take the lead, and his second foul was an F6 foul when he raised his ice blade as he rushed to the finish line.Wang meng also revealed that the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation issued more rules, that the 2018 short track speed skating competition has too many problems, the public, to change the point, because without the rules, short track speed skating may not be included in the Olympic Games.Finally, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation held a meeting to come up with more rules to prevent some athletes from using tricks and injuring others.Wang meng said the rules will be discussed every two years to determine the latest standards.The latest rules are now in the Olympics.All refereeing decisions are made in accordance with THE RULES of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation.Wang Meng’s explanation is very precise and convincing.