Performance will reveal the opening year credit growth trend good institutions forecast that the increment in March or more than 3 trillion under the epidemic how to meet the urgent needs of banks?

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Source: Financial Union Financial Union (Shanghai, reporter Xu Chuan) news, as the steady growth policy continues to increase, credit can be carried out as scheduled, has become one of the topics most concerned by investors at the recent performance presentation of listed banks.Several bank executives responded that credit volume has maintained steady growth this year compared with the end of last year.For the full year, some banks have set a “small target” for overall lending growth of at least 10 per cent compared with the same period last year.New loans are expected to rebound to more than 3 trillion yuan in March, up slightly from 2.75 trillion yuan in the same period last year, according to agency forecasts.In addition, according to the central bank bankers questionnaire survey, the overall loan demand index in the first quarter of this year was 72.3%, up 4.6 percentage points from the fourth quarter of last year.Industry insiders believe that some regions may be affected by the epidemic, but the impact on the overall increase in credit in March is limited, with the overall loan demand recovery, the overall is expected to achieve high growth.At present, for individuals and small and micro enterprises with limited cash flow in some regions, how to repay loans in time has become an immediate urgency.Financial Union reporters learned that many banks in Shanghai have timely sorted out customers of business loans and mortgage loans who are greatly affected by the epidemic, and provided seamless loan renewal and extension of credit repayment terms based on the actual situation.At the same time, credit investigation protection will be provided to customers with temporary repayment difficulties due to the epidemic, and credit records will be submitted according to the adjusted repayment arrangements to avoid damage to credit investigation records.”The overall level of credit issuance in the first quarter was better than the same period last year, and it was concentrated in manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors and other sectors of the real economy.”In addition, the bank’s personal lending volume in the first quarter was also better than the same period last year, Xue Wen, president of Changshu Bank, said at a results conference yesterday.Bank of Communications vice president Guo Mang said that as of the end of February this year, the yuan loans increased 4.38% from the beginning of the year, 77.8 billion yuan more than a year ago, including public loans increased 70 billion yuan more than a year ago.Looking ahead to the whole year, he revealed that “the initial plan of this year’s RMB loans will be higher than 2021, with an increase of about 11.5%”.Everbright Bank executives pointed out that in the pace of credit, will be ahead of the arrangement of the year’s credit assets, the first two months of this year’s general loan increment are more than 100 billion yuan.Zhang Xuguang, vice president of Agricultural Bank of China, also said that by the end of February, loans increased by 630.4 billion yuan compared with the beginning of this year, and 79.6 billion yuan more than the same period in 2020.”It is expected that the increase of RMB loans will be higher than last year’s level, and the growth rate will be higher than 10 percent.””Credit supply is expected to pick up significantly in March compared with February, and the scale of new RMB loans is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 300 billion yuan year-on-year.”Wang Yifeng, chief analyst of everbright Securities financial industry, believes that the types of institutions, large and small banks have made force, state-owned big banks play the “head goose effect”, small and medium-sized banks although there is still differentiation, but the overall recovery is still significant.The research team of Zheshang Securities Bank pointed out that “credit growth is expected to reach 3.1 trillion yuan in March 2022, with a year-on-year increase of 370 billion yuan and a year-on-year growth rate of 11.4% for the balance, which is flat compared with February”.The team also believes that, benefiting from the development of infrastructure, state-owned bank credit is expected to continue to increase;Under the steady growth policy, small and medium-sized banks, such as the stock bank, have recovered their lending compared with February.”Although the multiple outbreaks in China in March had a significant impact on bank lending in some regions, there is no need to overestimate its impact on the overall national data.”Liao Zhiming, chief banking analyst at China Merchants Securities, said new loans in March are expected to be around 2.8 trillion yuan, up slightly from a year earlier.Under the policy force, it is expected that the new loans of the six major banks and policy banks increased significantly in March compared with the same period last year, while the small and medium-sized banks are expected to increase less due to the deviation of customer base, weak credit demand and the impact of the epidemic.Since March, many parts of The country have experienced a recurrence of the epidemic, which has affected the operation and production of real enterprises to some extent.To protect during the outbreak of the financial “blood transfusion”, after the Shanghai silver protects inspect bureau, the People’s Bank of China Shanghai branch have issued documents, to guide financial institutions to greatly influenced by the pandemic industries to increase financial support, including the use of seamless renew loans, increases with the increasing borrow loans also, supply chain finance services to a variety of ways, actively implement the help enterprise bail-outs.According to a number of credit personnel in Shanghai banks, there have been internal risk warnings for maturing credit repayment business. According to relevant work procedures, credit managers have been organized to make a comprehensive survey of the business situation related to repayment during the epidemic, and small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households temporarily trapped can apply for extending the loan term.The manager of the loan department of a stock bank in Shanghai said that in addition to providing loan renewal services in response to regulatory policies, the bank has also introduced relevant rescue measures. Enterprises can apply for a grace period for repayment, but it needs to be verified according to the actual situation of the enterprise.”At present, this measure has just begun to be implemented, and the number of applications is not large for the time being. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is expected that some enterprises will have a certain demand for deferred repayment.””Up to now, the head office has not yet issued relevant documents on the failure of the funds of the credit granting enterprises to receive funds or the special treatment during the epidemic.”A large state-owned bank’s credit people in Shanghai to gain yonhap news agency reporters that for customer loan money has to account, but not on time reimbursement, the bank’s current treatment method is the branch level timely start the emergency disposal process of credit business, formed a preliminary subsequent disposal scheme, and synchronization for instructions the headquarters of the relevant departments to carry out special treatment.In terms of retail loans, due to the epidemic prevention and control situation in the region, some people have unstable income or no income temporarily, so it is urgent to repay the loans on schedule.Jing Feng, vice president and CHIEF financial officer of Zheshang Bank, introduced at the performance meeting that the income of some mortgage and consumer loan customers had been affected by the epidemic, resulting in a certain increase in the number of customers applying for deferred repayment, but only a slight increase, and the overall risk was controllable.From the perspective of countermeasures, senior executives of Zhangjiagang Bank said at the performance meeting held today that for financial services during the epidemic period, the regulatory authorities have issued corresponding policies, and the bank has issued corresponding service measures to postpone repayment and credit investigation protection.In addition, senior executives of Changshu Bank also revealed that they have given support to customers who temporarily lost their source of income due to the impact of the epidemic to postpone the repayment of their home mortgage loans. At the same time, based on the situation of customers, they will not be included in the list of defaulting customers and do a good job in credit investigation protection.According to a source at the Shanghai branch of Industrial Bank, the bank can offer a maximum grace period of three months to those hospitalized or quarantined due to COVID-19, staff participating in epidemic prevention and control, and customers whose cash flow has been affected by the epidemic.In addition, the bank’s mortgage loan customers can apply for a certain period of time (up to three years), only the loan interest repayment on schedule, agreed upon the expiration of the loan principal and interest repayment on schedule.It is understood that a certain number of customers have applied for such businesses online, involving a total of 72.47 million yuan in loans.