Spring Airlines: actively preparing for the resumption of the international line aircraft introduction pace has hardly slowed down

2022-07-30 0 By

According to the report of E Company, Spring Airlines said in the survey that from the perspective of this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, the state proposed not to implement blanket prevention and control, and there were some changes in the control mode of the epidemic in various places. Therefore, despite the spread of the epidemic in various places, the whole Spring Festival travel rush still operated smoothly, which was a good signal.If there are no special circumstances, May Day is expected to appear a more obvious peak.In the future, with better control of the epidemic, the expectation of summer vacation will be higher than that of 2021.In terms of international airlines, there may be some loosens in winter and spring this year. For us, we expect the domestic market to gradually get on the right track. As long as the domestic market enters an orderly recovery rhythm, the whole civil aviation operation will have a completely different result from last year and the year before.Therefore, based on the above, from the perspective of the company, the pace of aircraft introduction has hardly slowed down in the past two years. This year, 8 aircraft are also above the upper limit of approval.The company is also actively preparing for the restoration of the international line, in order to respond to market policy changes brought about the opening of the country.