Two people who have families but “secretly” love each other win with two words

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In the world of love, we should have our own bottom line, because two people can love each other, is originally a blessing from the past life, so we can not do wrong to their children and the other half of things.In real life, our relationships tend to be emotional, so it’s easy to hurt each other because of a moment of confusion, but if you’re only with this person because it’s new, you’ll never escape the cycle of novelty.When you have a partner, if you don’t stick to your boundaries, your family will fall apart.Two people who have families but secretly love each other win by two words. That is trade-off.Mr. Wong and her husband have been married for seven years, two people is through the understanding of the work, jing wang’s husband is her party at the time, the first saw the man, Mr. Wong was attracted by the glamour of the man, the two later in the process of communication, through special right again, so the relationship between two people also becomes more intimate.Later, Wang Jing took the initiative to pursue this man, and they successfully entered the palace of marriage under the catalysis of love. After marriage, their love life was also very sweet. They gave birth to a son and a daughter, but the arrival of the child made the feelings between them become particularly cold.Because she has to stay at home to take care of her children, Wang jing has little time to make up, which makes her husband dislike her. In his eyes, Wang Jing has long lost her charm.At this time, Wang Jing’s husband chose to divorce, and even made no secret of the fact that he had cheated on her in marriage. It was this incident that made Wang Jing completely die of her once beloved husband.In marriage, in fact, the most afraid of is indifference, two people together, if can not get along well, then do not hurt each other, extramarital affairs, is often the killer of marriage, this approach to each other is also callous.For two people who have families with each other, if they love each other secretly, in fact, the harm is nothing more than two families, but we do not deny that each of us has the right to pursue happiness.But the sense of responsibility to our family is also a reflection of our character.When you fall in love with the wrong person, you have to understand that the person who has been with you is the most important.Love and marriage are sacred. We should not lose our care and companionship for each other because of our passion.The trade-off we are talking about here is to let us look at a relationship with a rational attitude.When we say take, we mean someone who cannot be abandoned.The renunciation mentioned here refers to the renunciation of the feelings we should not have.If someone you like has a family of your own, take responsibility for your own family and learn to cut through the mess.Some like, just because of the impulse of the moment, so you have to learn to think before you act.When you find that there is already an ambiguous atmosphere between you, you have to learn to cut off the contact with each other, return to the family life, if you have been trapped in it, then finally Shanghai is just two people.It is easier to give up on each other when the relationship between you is not very strong. It may feel painful at first, but when you really understand each other, you will understand the true meaning of giving up.In fact, the reason why there will be attracted to other members of the opposite sex after marriage is very normal, but we should adhere to their bottom line and principles at any time.When you have feelings for someone else, think about your home, your children, and even a happy moment with your partner.If you have feelings for others after marriage, then decisively give up is the best choice, because a person’s heart can only hold one person, too many people, then in the end it will become a kind of hurt.Do not indulge your love, do not let the arrows of desire hit you.– Shakespeare No one’s marriage life is smooth sailing, two people in the family life conflict is also a normal thing, if you because of a temporary happiness and confused his eyes, so to the end of the feelings will become dispensable.There is no such thing as regret. We all pay for what we have done wrong, so when you find yourself in a bad situation, you should learn to cut your losses.It is not easy to let go of a loved one, but when you know what love is, you will be able to cherish the people around you more.If you are loved, love and be lovable.In love, the most taboo is betrayal, because if you hurt the person who loves you because of a moment of confusion, then in the end the road of love will become far away.Also hope that everyone in the relationship, can take their own responsibility, rather than frequent change.