Wife isolation, dad home with baby in a hurry!Daughter: You’ve made me thin

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“Daddy, when will Mommy come home?”On The morning of New Year’s Eve, my daughter woke up grumbling and looked at me several times, but she couldn’t help asking.It was the sixth day of her mother’s intensive quarantine.”Soon. I’ll see my mother in two days.””I hastened to comfort.In fact, her mother’s quarantine was probably 14 days instead of seven, but I didn’t dare tell my daughter that.Originally this Spring Festival, three of us have to go back to qiandao Lake home.The sudden outbreak caught us off guard and completely changed our New Year plans.The daughter and her mother have had their longest separation ever.On the morning of January 26, as usual, the first thing I did when I woke up was to pick up my mobile phone and read the news. By this time, the news of a new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Hangzhou was overwhelming.Hui and?I searched on Baidu and learned that it was a foreign-funded enterprise, an equipment supplier for KFC, McDonald’s and other catering enterprises.”Do you work for this company?”I remember one of the owners of the community is working in a foreign enterprise, the production is catering equipment, so I quickly asked the neighbor.”It’s our company.I’m waiting for the nucleic acid test results. Didn’t you get a call from the CDC?”He said several other neighbors with whom he had recently been in contact had received calls.Nucleic acid detection in the community: “There was a missed call at 4 o ‘clock.”Then the mother said.Call me back. Sure enough, it’s CDC.The CDC has asked my family to stay in the house until further notice.It turned out that the neighbor who works in Huite invited my family and other families in the community to his house for dinner a few days ago.My daughter’s mother went, and my daughter and I happened to be absent because of something.According to the CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, my daughter’s mother is a sub-secret contact and must go to the hotel for centralized isolation, while my daughter and I can monitor health at home.”Mom, when are the props for the birthday party going to start?”After breakfast, the daughter asked her mother.Originally, the next day was my daughter’s 11th birthday, and she specially invited several friends to her home for her birthday.”I have some very sad news for you. Because of the pandemic, all the parties are being canceled.And mom is going to be quarantined and separated from you for a while.”Her mother told her daughter the truth.The daughter burst into tears when she heard that she would be separated from her mother.Growing up, my daughter and her mother hardly ever spent a day apart, let alone this year.Tube baby is really a technology live daughter: I keep thin “also 7 days, you rest assured, certain daughter tube well.”Before my daughter’s mother was picked up by the CDC, I was confident enough to pledge.Although I do not supervise my daughter much, her mother told me a lot of things before she left, and even made a detailed list of her daily homework, so I think it is not too difficult.Who knows? There’s still a lot going on.For example, the homework list, not only the winter vacation homework assigned by the school, but also the homework of all kinds of interest classes, such as “piano singing spectrum” “eloquence basic skills” “good word practice every day”…Desk thick pile of homework, I can only let my daughter to find their own, on the list to complete a tick.In order to mobilize her daughter to do homework enthusiasm, finally with her three rules, after 5 check box to allow her to watch an episode of animation.As for the quality of the work, to be honest, it’s not at all.The hardest part is not homework, but putting on the OK mirror for my daughter every night.My daughter’s mother was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear it before she left, so she showed me the whole process and asked me to write down the main steps with a pen.That first night, I followed the procedure very carefully, but every time I was about to put them on, my daughter’s eyes blinked and all my work was wasted.Usually daughter her mother put on the lens only a few minutes, but I spent half an hour, there is still a lens can not put on, anxious I sweat all over.Helpless, had to turn to her daughter’s mother for help, through video remote guidance.It’s not hard to tell your daughter’s meals a day.But it’s really hard to keep up with my daughter’s taste.For example, my daughter likes to eat carrots for breakfast, steamed and then fried.I had seen my daughter’s mother do it many times before, and I thought I could get over 80 points.Did not expect the daughter only ate a mouthful said: “how all have no mother’s taste!”On the third day, my daughter secretly drew a cartoon behind my back and sent it to her mother on her wechat account.One sentence from the cartoon hit the heart – the food makes me eat thin.New Year’s eve at the Quarantine Hotel this neighborhood group is full of joy and the daughter can video chat with her mom whenever she misses her.In this way, although they are isolated in the hotel, it seems that the mother and daughter have never really been separated.Because of that huite employee, a total of more than 10 people in our community were sent to the hotel near xiaoshan Airport to be quarantined.”If I had known that, I would never have invited you to dinner at my house.”In his wechat group, he repeatedly apologized to everyone.”It should be us thanking you for giving us a free seven-day vacation.””Someone joked.There are 14 people in this group, all of whom are neighbors of our community.These days, the group shared their own isolation meals and all kinds of epidemic information, but also enjoyed themselves.The only thing that worries them is when the quarantine period ends.I’ve asked the community and the CDC, and there’s no clear answer.Before the quarantine, they thought it would only take seven days, but the information they received over the next few days suggested it could be 14 days.At some point, the name of the group was quietly changed to “luxury two-week leisure group”.After a short silence, the crowd returned to its original cheerfulness.Now, 12 of the 14 people in the group have been quarantined, most of them in the same bus to the same hotel.Another person went to Fuyang for the Spring Festival. Unfortunately, Fuyang was closed at 4:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.Although I did not go to centralized quarantine, because there have been many confirmed cases in the community next door, my community was also designated as a prevention area a few days ago.Fortunately, on January 30, I received a luxurious gift package from the government. There were no more than 10 kinds of meat dishes, so I could finally improve the food for my daughter.On New Year’s Eve, I cooked about 10 dishes for my daughter, including one of her favorite steaks.Although the family is only father and daughter, but the New Year ceremony must have.Before the New Year’s eve dinner, the daughter and her mother again video.At the other end of the video, mom also received a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.Her daughter was pleasantly surprised to find that on the glass window of her mother’s room, there was a “fu”, full of New Year flavor.New Year’s Eve dinner in quarantine hotel (some dishes are taken away)