Xiaopeng January delivery 12,195 affected by the battery price will be raised

2022-07-30 0 By

According to xiaopeng’s official announcement, 98,000 cars were actually delivered in 2021, exceeding the original target of 90,000.In 2022, the plan is to deliver 250,000 units overall and hit 300,000 units.As of January 25, 12,195 units were delivered nationwide in January, and the total delivery for the month is expected to be 13,000 units.The drop from December 2021 comes during the traditionally slow Chinese New Year.It is also reported that xiaopeng G9 will start small scale delivery at the end of August 2022 and large scale delivery in September 2022.In terms of battery, due to the ningde cost when the battery case or is too large, and the corresponding lithium iron phosphate battery production uncertainty is too large, such as xiao peng car to cope with the pressure of rising costs, the future will gradually choice in addition to the era of ningde power battery from other companies, news will be replaced by China aviation lithium battery, lithium billion weft to lithium iron batteries will also continue to use,Mainly matching low – scale models.And this year’s highlight xiaopeng G9, also has a part of the model use xinwanda to provide power batteries.At the same time, Xiaopeng Automobile revealed that the surging price of the upstream power battery has led to the overall price rise of the new energy vehicle industry in 2022. Due to the resistance of users to the price rise, Xiaopeng Automobile gradually let users accept the new price through two price adjustments in December 2021 and January 2022.On January 11, Xiaopeng Automobile adjusted the terminal prices of models under 300,000 yuan, among which P7 models increased by 4,300-5,900 yuan;P5 models rose 4800 to 5400 yuan;G3i models are also up 4800-5400 yuan.(Text: Pacific Auto network Gao Zijian)