Youyang Fire rescue brigade to carry out post-holiday fire safety inspection

2022-07-30 0 By

Unitary Yang news network news (reporter Chen Qiang combines media center Correspondent lu Chen wen/chart) on February 15, unitary Yang fire rescue brigade monitors into the creek industrial park, small dam board logistics park express delivery point to carry out fire control safety inspection, further enhance to return to work and production enterprise fire safety fire safety responsibility consciousness of responsibility and managers.Inspection, supervision and personnel fire control facilities and exit to the enterprise, the evacuation passageway and fire channel, micro fire station, fire control room, daily examination records, maintenance records, and so on and so forth a detailed inspection, each enterprise to increase safety consciousness, strengthen inspection, old-age and preventive measures, seriously the daily conduct fire control safety inspection,Eliminate fire hazards completely.According to reports, the next, the county fire rescue brigade will continue to increase the area to resume work and production enterprises fire safety inspection efforts, urge enterprises to do a good job during the Spring Festival and winter Olympics fire safety management work, to ensure the area of production enterprises fire safety.Editor: Zhao Shuting