An employee of a property company in Shandong province became a “warrior” and “jumped on the roof” to save the survivors

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Su Junhua, an employee of The Heze Property company in Shandong province, saved the life of a man by jumping on a wall 36 meters above the ground.Su returned to the accident site on February 16 and recalled that he was afraid of heights and forgot to be afraid when rescuing people. All he thought about was how to save them.Su junhua said that after the rescue, his whole body began to shiver and he didn’t know whether he was cold or scared.Although he thought of some fear, but did not regret, after all, life only once.At noon on February 11, Su Junhua received a call from the owner that someone in the community was going to jump off a building.When he arrived at the scene, he found that police were already keeping order and evacuating the onlookers.Because the community is familiar with the terrain, Su Junhua followed the police upstairs to assist the rescue.The young woman saw him follow the police onto the roof, became emotional.Su junhua said the woman had climbed out of the fence and was standing on the eaves, just 30 centimeters wide, holding onto the railing.She is facing the police, behind is suspended, as long as a let go, people will fall.The young woman saw rescue workers arrived at the top floor, along the eaves to move out, the scene of everyone’s heart followed to catch up, for fear that she let go jump down.As the crowd grew, the woman became more and more excited.After a standoff of about 10 minutes, the woman changed posture, from squatting to standing.Su Junhua noticed that the railings around the woman were not very strong and had become loose. The situation was very critical.Therefore, he volunteered that he usually work, often have to go to the top of the pipe to drain water, or repair the elevator, so familiar with the surrounding situation, let him to save the most appropriate.Su then climbed over the fence from behind the woman and stood guard for nearly 20 minutes without protection, waiting for the best time to rescue her.Police and firefighters while stabilizing the woman’s mood, while attracting its attention, for Su Junhua to create conditions for the implementation of rescue.Su Junhua stepped on the eaves and approached the young woman slowly. He saw that the young woman was lowering her head and crying. Then he rushed to the young woman with a swift step, clutching her arm with one hand and holding the railing tightly with the other.He hugged the woman, police and firefighters rushed forward together to save the woman.Onlookers saw the rescue and immediately gave Su a round of applause and cheers.Afterwards, Su junhua said that helping others is a traditional Chinese virtue, and he was very proud and happy to save people.Su’s colleagues said the owner thought highly of su and often offered to help the owner.Once, he saw a citizen lying drunk on the ground and rode him home.In addition, Su junhua is a member of the Peony Rescue Team and the Caozhou Volunteer Group and other public welfare organizations.Part of the material from the qilu Evening News, jiupai news and other editors: blue sky