Drink with hubei people who have “wine table culture”, we must keep in mind the 3 do’s and don ‘ts

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And has a “table culture” hubei people drink, bear in mind that this 3 to 3 don’t believe many well know our country is a one thousand – year – old “wine country”, in the one thousand years of history changes, a lot of wine culture also subsequently and produce, what is “table culture” over “early wine culture” and so on is integrated into our life,Among them, “drinking table culture” is the most used.For example, hubei people are very particular about “wine table culture”. Why is it said that Hubei people are very particular about “wine table culture”?It’s living environment has a lot to do with him, hubei people doing business is “genius” this believe that a lot of people are recognized, but also there will be disagreements, however. Some people would say, business is the best is the wenzhou people, or “jian-ren hu,” that it’s not fake, but compared to hubei is dwarfed, because hubei people do is a big business,And people who do big business tend to attach great importance to “drinking table culture.”Hubei people are born to do business genius, they pay attention to not only the “wine table culture”, in other aspects of drinking is also very attention, here, the following to popularize and have a “wine table culture” of Hubei people drinking, must bear in mind 3 to 3 do not.3 to:1, drink with hubei, must be in accordance with the qualifications or is in a toast to seniority order 2, it is important to note that when food etiquette “table culture”, want to clip his close several courses, and when food is to be measured, not more, not less, of course beside the clip vegetables don’t meet up, this is a lot of people are of one thing.3, when eating vegetables or other things, we must control them, eat slowly and pay attention to our image.3 don’t: 1, because the hubei people is to pay attention to “table culture”, so we don’t talk about other people on the wine table of some bad place, should understand nudges a joke, because many people don’t like joking, compliment person must hold good measure, it is the key point, because some people don’t like you too much compliment him.2. Drink moderately, because when drinking with many Hubei people, you will always accidentally get drunk. When you get drunk, you will inflate yourself and brag too much, and many people don’t like such people.3, do not shake legs, in many People in Hubei, shaking legs is a very indecent performance.In fact, hubei’s “wine table culture” is not only about these things, but also about drinking. What they pay attention to is that the wine quality is good and the price ratio is high. As the following several wines are often seen on hubei’s wine table.Baiyunbian many people know that baiyunbian is a famous wine in Hubei, and many wine friends will think of a wine when referring to Hubei. This wine is also a fragrant liquor, which accounts for a large proportion of the local market in Hubei, and the wine is very good in quality and taste.Baiyunbian is the first baijiu in Hubei province, so it has become a wine in the “wine table culture” of Hubei people, loved by wine friends.Daohuaxiang daohuaxiang is a luzhou-flavor baijiu, which has several series, each different, but surprisingly good quality.And the wine is very grainy.Some people like rice very much because of the smell of rice fragrance.In the “wine table culture” of Hubei province, all wines are local, but foreign wines often appear, such as this yuande Imitation Taiwan wine, which is an excellent maotai-flavored wine.The color of the wine is clear, drinking a mouthful between the lips and teeth is full of maozi aroma, with a slight sour taste, delicate and mellow.Open the process of aroma gradually spread out, layer by layer of hierarchical sense, savor, and contain fruit fragrance, cellar fragrance compound fragrance, ha breath, are full of food fragrance.And most importantly, it won’t cause you to miss work the next day or get a headache.Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei Province, known as “China’s famous wine”, is brewed mainly from wheat, sorghum and water. The white wine brewed is mellow and delicious, which is very good.This wine in hubei local market, or other places have a certain reputation, now hubei wine table on this wine is also essential.Bingheng story as maotai distillery predecessor, one of the three burning fang Hengxing burning fang produced a maotai-flavor liquor, this wine body mellow mian shun, the entrance of the group is not loose, the liquor pushed to the tongue and the root of the tongue, sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty, shengjin feeling is more obvious.Liquor into the stomach, warm rising, at the same time sour incense, cellar incense, trough incense, burnt incense filled the mouth, and a part of the nasal cavity, the whole body can not be said to be comfortable.ZhiJiang daqu many said the hubei no wine, but it is not without wine, hubei but wine has become “the past”, otherwise a lot of people know, in the former hubei market one of the most popular wine is not for ensuring, but this ZhiJiang daqu, it is the only a true out of been to hubei white wine.Many people still like this wine very much.This is the end of this issue. 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