Eight characters to see the comprehensive techniques of marriage time

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Look at the comprehensive techniques of marriage time 1.Male and female students of the sound of the five elements of life fleeting dry branch five elements.2.Male life or female life in the fleeting peach blossom or lust to kill.3.Male life or female life of the four pillars of the main branch and the time of the dry branch consistent or rob.4.Male mingda carry away in loot, female mingda carry away in salty pool or lust to kill, there is a life made of Japanese yen dry branch and time together or bureau, bureau.5.In the male life of the four pillars, the big haul away wealth, the old see wealth, wealth in prosperous land.6.Female life in the four pillars, big transport away in the official library.Male mingda carted away in the Treasury, and time chong official library or Treasury.7.Nvmingda transport is the official, time is the official, the officer in the prosperous ground.8.In male or female fate, four pillars and dayun, dayun and time, time and four pillars, namely, heaven and earth.9.Time is the sun Lord lu.Lu can represent happiness.Time is the Lord of god.Fleeting earth branch and mate gong Fu Yin.Represents a repeat.Fleeting earth branch and the elder palace fu Yin, may be promoted by the elders and get married.10.Husband and wife palace meet, time rushed husband and wife palace and get married.Husband and wife palace without, fleeting impulse husband and wife palace and get married.11.Marriage reasons, first of all to see marriage needs to check hit nobleman, peach blossom, hongyan (day xi, red Luan is not quite fulfilled), female life to the official kill for the main line, see the role of the husband palace.12.Look at the original bureau body of the wang weak, the body of the wang is for its food, injury, wealth star was born wang driven years, the body is weak for the body of the desire to arouse.13.Look at the location of the four-pillar opposite stars in the original bureau, and see if it matches with the Universiade?Let’s see when the agency touches the wife of the original agency.14.For the discussion of marriage, generally think that medicine or happy use, but this is one-sided.Because this is only auspicious wedding due date.But a lot of people actually have unhappy marriages.Therefore, the judgment of marriage due period must be considered comprehensively.If the marriage is lucky (fortune and day are happy), then the marriage time of the disease case is to get the medicine, and the marriage time of the life case is to use the happy year.If the marriage is fierce (money star and day branch for avoid), then the disease case of marriage should be seriously ill, abandoning life case of marriage should be on the year of avoid, the judgment of marriage should be considered the day branch meet or impulse.Husband and wife are born in the year of Yang dry, they must marry in the year of Yin dry.Both husband and wife are born in the year of Yin dry, they must be married in the year of Yang dry.If the couple is born in the same year, one is Yang and the other is Yin.It is often married after the first cohabitation, the first marriage after pregnancy is also the same.If a husband and wife are born in a Yang year and a Yin year, they will be male. If a man is born in a Yin year, he will marry in a Yang year, and if he is born in a Yang year, he will marry in a Yin year.16.People born in the year of Yang gan are mostly married in the triad years (otherwise marriage, cohabitation, pregnancy, children are counted).But men born in a Yang year tend to get married in the second year of the triad.For example, shen people get married in the third year of the third year of the third year.Women born in a Yang year tend to get married in the year before the triad.For example, Xu Nu got married one year before the Three years of wu Nian.This is because of the Yang algorithm again shun, Yang female algorithm has to reverse the reason.17.Born in the year of Yin dry men, mostly in the six years (or three years also have) time to get married (otherwise also must start, cohabitation, pregnancy, children, are included, with theory).But the Yin dry born women, also mostly in the third year of the year to get married, because the Yin female algorithm must shun into also.For example, male qimao was born and married in 1898.For example, Xinyou was born in Wuyinian marriage (the second year of Ding Chaunian).18.Husband and wife born in the year dry, one for Yang, one for Yin, then to be born in the Yin dry three years, that is, for their marriage year.