From the “minority” to the “public”, Snow lotus maintenance paste will become 300 million high-end consumers “new favorite”

2022-07-31 0 By

On February 1, the industry standard of Snow Lotus Maintenance Paste was implemented. Snow lotus Maintenance Paste is a disposable product for the maintenance of human reproductive parts. It is a daily maintenance product for reproductive parts, and it is a brand new category of daily necessities.Based on the innovation of “maintenance” category, it is essentially different from medicine, health care products, sanitary products and conventional health products.The issue of the standard has won the attention of the whole health industry. From maintenance to maintenance, from no standard to the implementation of the standard, from the attention of small groups to the public vision, the issue of snow lotus maintenance label is an important evolution of human health industry pattern!Since the release of the 14th Five-year Health work plan, the public has started the upsurge of healthy quality life, and further opened the new track of “maintenance” lifestyle.With decades of deep cultivation and persistence in this field, snow lotus maintenance patch has become a “conservation” artifact in the field of reproductive health with its unique product efficacy, and has captured the “heart” of some “special groups” for conservation needs.From the small circle to the general public, snow lotus conservation has become a quality lifestyle throughout the present, people’s health awareness from treatment to disease prevention is rising year by year.From the official “viral” advocacy, and then to the media endless health knowledge popularization, maintenance, maintenance has become a modern way of health.Small to the daily diet, large living habits, are being integrated into the lives of more and more people.With the awakening of public health awareness, reproductive conservation has turned from the use of the small crowd to a wider public comprehensive popularization, has become the trend of The Times in the pursuit of quality life.As the founder and leader of the industry, Snow lotus conservation has also landed on domestic mainstream media and all central media party media for many times, and set off a wave of reproductive conservation in wechat, Weibo, short videos and other social channels.The increasing demand for great health and the increasing consumption power of the public promote the multi-dimensional development of the reproductive conservation industry.Taking Xuelian Paste as an example, the continuous transformation from product form to application mode indicates that the global reproductive conservation industry has ushered in a comprehensive upgrade and diversified rise.In the face of such a favorable market environment, for the golden day international, it is also a development opportunity that can never be slack.As a standard product, the first conservation “black technology” created by Chinese people, Snow lotus conservation paste is bound to promote the wider application of reproductive conservation products, and then promote the diversified development of reproductive conservation industry, and help the health and quality life of the whole people.In the future, how will Xuelian maintenance paste service and break through more high-end users?The answer is obvious, as to promote the implementation of the standard to become the industry leader, to break through more users, it is the first to break through their own!