Gongbei Customs helps the advantageous industry development of lithium battery in the jurisdiction

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Fan Shiru, Chen Hanzi, Xu Mengchao In recent years, the new energy and new materials industry has enjoyed a strong momentum of development, and China has become a major producer and exporter of lithium batteries.According to the statistics of Gongbei Customs, in 2021, zhuhai exported 2.97 billion yuan of lithium batteries, up 49.8% over the previous year, and the market covered 89 countries and regions in the world such as ASEAN and EU.Gongbei Customs conducted in-depth research and made precise policies to boost the development of lithium battery manufacturing enterprises in the area and add momentum to the development of zhuhai’s foreign trade.Gree Titanium New Energy Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a global comprehensive new energy industry group. In recent years, the company has begun to expand its efforts to expand overseas markets.”Because we were not familiar with foreign standards, we suffered a lot of losses. We didn’t know enough about the mandatory standards of exporting countries when reviewing contracts, and we almost gave up some orders that we were close to winning.”Gree titanium new energy Mr. Zheng said.In order to help enterprises better cope with technical trade measures and improve market competitiveness, Doumen Customs, which is affiliated to Gongbei Customs, collects information of foreign new energy battery raw materials equipment, market access, trade barriers and other information through multiple channels, closely following the requirements of new material limits of European and American countries.And deliver “teaching” as the enterprise depth reading foreign access rules and technological standards, international transportation safety certification, the European Union ECER100 standard, enterprise standard research and development validation, battery thermal safety management system, system safety standards, etc., to help enterprises to establish and perfect the technical trade measure system, effectively improve the quality and safety of export of new energy battery,Help enterprises better integrate into the domestic and international “double cycle”.At present, the high safety and large magnification lithium titanate energy storage products produced by the company have been successfully sold to 30 countries and regions around the world.Zhuhai Guanyu Battery Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of consumer polymer soft pack lithium ion batteries. Its lithium battery products are not only supplied to domestic bonded logistics parks, but also exported to Singapore, Malaysia and other countries along the “Belt and Road”.Since last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, there has been a shortage of international cargo containers and logistics capacity, a shortage of raw materials such as BMS protective plates and chips, and an extremely tight shipping schedule for lithium batteries.”If the products are not delivered on time, not only will they have to pay liquidated damages, but the company’s reputation will be damaged.”In the face of the rapid growth of the company’s orders, to ensure the supply of raw materials and export logistics stability has become a pressure in the company’s import and export management director Wang Feisa big stone in mind.Doumen Customs plays an active role in improving the efficiency of customs clearance, and guarantees the stability of supply chain of foreign trade enterprises.On the one hand, we provide technical guidance to enterprises to guide factories to establish self-inspection and automatic control system, optimize commodity quality from the source and improve inspection efficiency. On the other hand, we take the initiative to understand enterprises’ export declaration plan and provide enterprises with convenient measures such as appointment inspection and immediate inspection.According to the introduction, in 2021, the company produces lithium ion batteries and other products exports increased by about 40% from the previous year.Shuaiford mainly develops and produces lithium and nickel based batteries, with customers in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and other countries.Benefiting from the deepening of regional economic and trade cooperation between China and its neighboring countries, under the framework of RCEP and other free trade agreements, enterprises can enjoy more preferential tariff concessions than MFN tariff rates in export destination countries with certificates of origin as proof.In 2021, Gongbei Customs will continue to optimize export origin visa services and vigorously promote self-printing of certificates of origin.Enterprises can click the mouse in front of the computer, and after the backstage examination and issuance is completed, enterprises can print the certificate of origin on the client, which greatly reduces the cost caused by personnel running, and helps enterprises enjoy convenience and benefits.In 2021, Gongbei Customs issued 190 certificates of origin for zhuhai enterprises to export lithium battery batteries, involving an amount of over 120 million yuan, 2.1 times more than that in 2020.”With the ‘paper gold’ certificate of origin, foreign buyers can enjoy preferential import tariffs, which indirectly reduces the trade cost of enterprises and greatly improves the competitiveness of our products in the international market.”Shuaifu supply chain manager Yin Leiming said.In addition, Gongbei Customs also actively provides technical, information and equipment support to lithium battery manufacturers in the jurisdiction, helping enterprises to solve the difficulties encountered in the process of improving the quality and upgrading of export commodities and effectively reducing the burden of enterprises.Read: Yu Fanghua