Independent brand sports sedan “ceiling”, Kaiyi Car xuan degree driving feeling really sweet

2022-07-31 0 By

In the past, every time I heard people mention sports sedan, IT was easy to give me a feeling of “an empty watch”.Of course, this is mainly due to my personal prejudice against sports sedan that is not delicate enough. However, this test drive of Kaiyixuan has brought a completely different experience to the editor. Within the price range of 67,800 to 93,900 yuan, not only the power is abundant, but also the interior and exterior decoration design is enough to be used.Even a lot of intelligent configurations rarely seen in the same price models are available in Kaiyi Xuandu.Next, xiaobian will take you to feel the difference in the end of this sports sedan launched by Kay Wing.The design language of Kaiyi Car Xuandu is mainly composed and atmospheric. Although it is designed for young people, I personally think the appearance of Xuandu is suitable for all ages.The ratio of the car is relatively wide, giving a feeling of lying low.In terms of modeling, Kaiyifendo emphasizes sports DNA, and the side lines of Xuando are more smooth. Thanks to the super long wheelbase of 2700mm and the super long body of 4666mm, it can bring more comfortable and spacious space for drivers and passengers.The rear creates a visual sense of a coupe and is more practical.Into the car, Xuandu interior design also looks to have a good affinity, simple and chic overall modeling, is very decent.Workmanship and materials are worthy of the positioning of this class of car, configuration, provides 10.25-inch center screen, reversing image and cruise control and other functions.The steering wheel is wrapped in delicate leather and feels very solid.The multi-functional button area is made of metal, with a good texture.When driving in urban areas, Xuandu will feel more like a family car after driving for a long time. Even if the driving mode of the vehicle is adjusted to the economic mode, this car will have a relatively good driving experience, and it will not produce the situation of stepping on the accelerator after driving the economic mode of ordinary models.Xuandu chassis tuning is excellent, no matter driving or passenger position can get similar ride comfort with advanced sports sedan, rear suspension in the city paved road can also have a good toughness, and in ordinary non-paved road driving will not have too much extra bounce,You can feel the chassis adjustment team of Kaiyi automobile is to make the texture of the whole vehicle close to the senior sports sedan.As a chery brand, Kaiyi automobile has strong technical endorsement, and Xuandu’s presentation also demonstrates sufficient sincerity. In terms of appearance and interior decoration, this car has given me enough surprises.In a time when money is so hard to make, get your hands on a Tendo.