Ma Ming, former vice chairman of Inner Mongolia’s Political Consultative Conference, has been sentenced to life in prison in his first trial for taking bribes worth more than 157 million yuan

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On the morning of February 17, 2022, the Zibo Intermediate Court of Shandong Province publicly sentenced Ma Ming, former member of the Party Group and vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region CPPCC, to life imprisonment for taking bribes, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscation of all personal property.The property and fruits derived from the distrained, sealed or frozen bribe shall be recovered and turned over to the State Treasury.After the trial, it was found that:From 2000 to 2019, the defendant Ming using matsubara municipal party committee of the standing committee, vice mayor of jilin province, jilin province party secretary, director of business hall, long-withering jilin province party secretary, vice governor of jilin province government party members, and public security department secretary of the party committee, director, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia autonomous region government, public security department, director of party secretary,The Inner Mongolia autonomous region party member of CPPCC, vice chairman of the advantage of his office, or use of its functions and powers, status of convenience, for others in the enterprise management, position adjustment and the handling of the case provide help, illegally accept to send goods by others, a total of more than 157.85 million yuan.Zibo City Intermediate Court believes that the defendant Ma Ming’s behavior constitutes the crime of taking bribes, and the amount of bribery is particularly huge, the number of times of bribery, the time span is large, serious infringement on the integrity of the state staff duty behavior, bad influence;At the same time, Ma Ming can take the initiative to confess the fact that the handling organs have not yet mastered the fact of accepting bribes of 150.71 million yuan, confessing his guilt and repenting others constitute meritorious service, the stolen money and goods have all been recovered, with statutory and discretionary circumstances of a lighter punishment.Comprehensive consideration of the above crime facts, nature, circumstances and degree of harm to society, the court then made the above judgment.(Ni Yi, People’s Daily app)