Overwhelming propaganda “anti-private epidemic prevention” into the hearts of people

2022-07-31 0 By

Recently, the coastal security Bureau has strengthened anti-smuggling propaganda through multiple channels, and anti-smuggling slogans have been broadcast in the concentrated areas of the city. The concept of “anti-smuggling is epidemic prevention” has penetrated into all walks of life and every person, creating a good atmosphere for jincheng people to fight against smuggling.Coastal security protection, and jinzhou railway station, jinzhou zone government, jinzhou dashang group, jinzhou city taxi intelligence management departments, such as in jinzhou railway station LED screen, the supermarket LED screen, the main port of bijia mountain center LED screen, the city’s 4000 taxi dome light as a platform, 24-hour rolling play against smuggling slogan,Anti-smuggling propaganda has been carried out by exposing typical cases and releasing telephone numbers for reporting. Slogans such as “Fighting smuggling, benefiting the country and the people”, “fighting maritime smuggling, preventing the importation of the epidemic” and “fighting smuggling means epidemic prevention” can be seen everywhere in Zhuhai.At the same time, 6 billboards were set up in coastal ports, docks and key markets, and 9 billboards were made on the south wall of jinzhou central fishing port.During the epidemic period, through strong publicity and effective crackdown, criminals involved in dangerous smuggling were effectively deterred and the national awareness of anti-smuggling safety was enhanced.Here, the coastal safety and security bureau prompts the masses of Jincheng: epidemic prevention achievements are hard-won, it is urgent to crack down on smuggling and build a solid defense line!Resist smuggling, need the power of the masses!Everyone should buy frozen food through regular channels, ensure food safety, once found smuggling illegal criminal clues, can dial 110 direct report!