Spring Festival 7 days to which free nucleic acid test?This map is easy to read

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According to information released by “Shenzhen Health Supervision” recently, 399 nucleic acid sampling sites in Shenzhen will be open for business as usual during the Spring Festival.At present, The COVID-19 epidemic has entered a period of normal prevention and control in Shenzhen. In order to enable people in high-exposure industries, medical purchasing personnel and other people in need to obtain nucleic acid at their fingertips during this period, convenient nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up in all districts of Shenzhen.Are these nucleic acid sampling sites charged?If you are in the range of the service population published at the sampling site, then you will be included in the “should be tested” group, can have nucleic acid free.The guangdong nucleic acid code of the “should be checked out” crowd is green 03 in case of “running empty” how to do?The service hours of nucleic acid sampling sites for convenience are updated at any time, and the specific service hours are subject to those published by the sampling sites.In order to avoid “running empty”, it is strongly recommended that you turn on your mobile phone to check the real-time status of nearby convenient nucleic acid sampling sites before going out for nucleic acid processing, including the density of people at each site: unimpeded (queuing time ≤25 minutes), busy (queuing time ≥25 minutes), congested (queuing time ≥50 minutes) whether you are resting:Once the sampling point is finished, the page will display the current status of the sampling point as “rest” and even a one-click navigation, “hand in hand” to teach you how to get to the sampling point from the current position.How to check?▽1. Follow and enter the wechat public account of shenzhen Health Commission;2. Click “Convenience service” – “convenience NUCLEIC acid sampling point (queuing condition)”, or “I want to inquire” – “convenience sampling point (queuing condition)”.