The first!The ministry of Health is investigating the death of a 100-year-old woman a month after she was mistakenly given her fourth injection

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Singapore (Reuters) – A 103-year-old man died of pneumonia a month after receiving the wrong fourth dose of vaccine from a mobile vaccination team, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said this evening.The coroner has yet to determine whether the cause of death was related to vaccination. The Health Ministry has launched an investigation. It’s the first case of vaccinations being mistakenly administered.The woman, who lived in ECON Healthcare — Chai Chee Nursing Home, had received three doses of the vaccine.On Dec. 13, a mobile medical team from PanCare Medical Clinic mistakenly gave her a fourth dose of vaccine.Yikang said its staff discovered the mistake five minutes after finishing the vaccination and immediately extended the observation period of the woman, who had no adverse reactions at the time.She was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and hyponatremia on December 16 and later diagnosed with a stroke.He passed away on January 10 this year.After an autopsy, the coroner ruled that the primary cause of death was pneumonia, and it was not determined whether the fourth dose of vaccine was involved.The health ministry said it had taken a serious look at the accident and had launched a thorough investigation, the results of which are expected this month.Chikang and PanCare say they have co-paid the elderly’s medical bills in good faith.An initial investigation suggested that the incident may have been caused by irregularities in vaccination procedures, as well as communication problems between the nursing home and the mobile vaccination team.Chik and Baokang take this incident seriously and have reviewed their procedures.Mobile vaccination teams have completed 152,000 vaccinations so far.The Ministry of Health has reminded all mobile vaccination teams to conduct independent identification before administering any vaccines.From the chart, the omic wave in the Philippines has eased considerably, the trend of Singapore and Thailand is still uncertain, Indonesia is surging, and Malaysia is just beginning to emerge.On February 4, Indonesia reported 32,211 new cases, bringing its total to 4.446,694, breaking 4.44 million.This is the highest daily number of cases in Indonesia since August 7 last year.Since New Year’s Day, Indonesia’s Omikronbo has appeared.Indonesia’s health minister says there have been few severe cases and deaths from Omikron, and most patients can recover at home.But because omikron is so contagious, he reckons Indonesia will see the peak of the current wave by the end of this month or early March.On the same day, Indonesia reported 42 new deaths, bringing its total to 144,453.This is the highest daily death toll in Indonesia since October 21 last year, when the number of deaths increased 106 days.Bangkok (Reuters) – Thailand reported 9,909 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours on Thursday, breaking the 2.47 million total.This is the highest daily number of confirmed cases in Thailand since October 18 last year, when the number of cases increased 109 days.On the same day, 22 new deaths were reported, bringing the total to 22,250.The Philippines reported 8,564 new confirmed cases on Monday, bringing its total to 3,594,002 and breaking 3.59 million.The number of active cases in the Philippines dropped to 151,389, or 4.2 percent of the total, from 153,335 the previous day.The peak number of active cases was 291,618 on January 21.96.7% of active cases were asymptomatic or mild.The Philippines reported 46 deaths today, for a total of 54,214, with a case fatality rate of 1.51%.The positive rate of community testing fell to 24.3% on Feb. 2 from 25.5% the day before, meaning 243 people were diagnosed for every 1,000 tested, authorities said.The highest positive rate was recorded on January 11, which was 47.9%.The higher the positive rate, the more latent cases there are in the community.The World Health Organization’s guideline is that more than 20% are “at risk”;The positive rate must be controlled to less than 5% before the community can be opened.Malaysia’s total number of confirmed cases rose 7,234 to 2.895,014, breaking 2.89 million.This is the highest daily level in nearly three months since October 17 last year.Eight more deaths were reported yesterday, bringing the total to 32,000.As at 2359 midnight on February 3, the ventilator occupancy rate in Malaysian hospitals was 33.2%;The occupancy rate of hospital beds is 62.3%;The occupancy rate of ICU wards is 49.2%, and the occupancy rate of isolation centers (PKRC, equivalent to makeshift hospitals) used by mild/asymptomatic patients is 39.7%.Of the 61,426 active cases in Malaysia, 87.6% recovered at home, 6.9% in PKRC makeshift hospitals, 5.4% in patients with intermediate illness, 0.1% in non-intubated ICU and 0.1% in intubated ICU.In Malaysia, 79.8% of the population had received at least one dose of vaccine, 78.7% had completed the full vaccination and 37.2% had received booster shots.