Xianyang Museum for the public free treasure appreciation

2022-07-31 0 By

In the morning of January 30, the Xianyang Museum held a unique free treasure appraisal activity, the museum experts on-site for the public free identification of calligraphy and painting, porcelain, jade and other cultural relics.Early in the morning, citizens waited at the gate of the museum, holding ceramics, coins, jades, paintings, calligraphy and stationery in their hands, seeking appraisals and listening to comments and suggestions from experts.During the identification process, experts explained the authenticity, era, texture, technology and other aspects of the collection, and answered questions for the public, share and exchange the experience of collection.During the activity, Yang Jie from Ganxian county took out the collection of cultural relics to identify, he said: “These things have been kept at home for a long time, but I don’t know the specific value, I heard that the museum will have such treasure appraisal activities during the Chinese New Year, so I specially came from Ganxian County to let the experts have a look.No matter what the value is, I will keep collecting because it is a kind of inheritance.”According to statistics, the museum for a total of more than ten citizens to collect treasures, has been widely praised by citizens tourists.Liu Xiaohua, deputy research librarian of Xianyang Museum, said that the free treasure appraisal activity not only enhanced the awareness of cultural relics protection of the general public, promoted the memory and inheritance of traditional culture, but also publicized the laws and regulations of the Cultural Relics Protection Law, effectively improved the level of cultural relics appraisal and appreciation of the public.”On the 15th day of the Lantern Festival, we will continue to conduct free treasure inspection activities. We welcome tourists and citizens to join us and appreciate the charm of Chinese cultural relics.””Liu said.All media reporter of Xianyang Daily: Wang Jie