Yangjiang: Anti-drug publicity activities were carried out in Buchang Town

2022-07-31 0 By

In order to further strengthen the anti-drug publicity, continue to strengthen the drug prevention education work, enhance the area of the residents of drug awareness, drug resistance, anti-virus awareness, February 9, Yangjiang Buchang town anti-drug office united rainbow volunteers to carry out anti-drug publicity activities.”These are new drugs dressed in pop candy and chocolate to relax people’s vigilance against drugs.”In the activity, anti-drug volunteers showed simulated drugs, explained anti-drug knowledge on the spot, distributed anti-drug leaflets and other ways, so that the masses through vivid pictures, text and concrete objects, all-round, multi-level and multi-angle to learn the types, characteristics, harm and other knowledge of drugs, so as to guide the masses to identify drugs.Effectively enhance their awareness and ability of drug identification, anti-virus and anti-drug.The development of this activity, so that the broad masses of drugs and the harm of drugs have a more profound understanding, so that more people join the resistance to drugs, participate in the anti-drug work, to create a good social atmosphere for comprehensive anti-drug.Yangjiang Datong Social Work Service Center