10 hours of live broadcast, media linkage: China Media Group “Great Beauty Chinese Poetry Qingming” strength broke the circle

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Specially planned by the Film and Television Documentary Center of China Media Group, the live media program of “Great Beauty Chinese Poetry At Qingming festival” ended successfully on April 4. The live program brought together calligrapher Chen Ang, cultural scholar Mengman, performance artist Sarina, and invited 19 actors to re-read spring poems.With poetry as the media, supplemented by expert interpretation, actors recite, in the form of “flying flower ling” to create an immersive depiction of “Great Beauty of China” qingming Live.At the same time, it explores the connection between fine content and local culture, and narrates people’s common pursuit of good life, good taste and good taste.The live broadcast was broadcast simultaneously on CCTV Video APP, CCTV TV drama, CCTV Microblog, Douyin, Kuaishou and other multimedia platforms. From 8:00 to 6:00 on April 4, the 7-hour slow live broadcast covering the glorious spring scenery across the country was seamlessly connected with the 3-hour poetic mobile live broadcast.It presents “the most extreme China, the most pyrotechnic China and the most poetic China” in the cloud with beautiful scenery, delicious food and beautiful articles.As the highest qingming live broadcast on the CCTV video platform (as of 24 o ‘clock on April 4), the Qingming Cloud Poetry Fair of CCTV successfully created a qingming cultural activity, with more than 8.8 million people appreciating the beauty of Chinese culture on the cloud, and the related topics on Weibo were read more than 885 million times, breaking the circle with strength.One netizen commented that the live broadcast was “very cultural, like a gentle spring breeze blowing into my heart”.There are netizens left a message, “In qingming festival to close your eyes cloud listening to poetry is really a kind of enjoyment, from the live growth of knowledge, CCTV will hold more such activities.”In the program hot broadcast at the same time, the headquarters also broke the bureau propaganda broadcast.First of all, it landed on the Special issue of China TV in America, and continued its global dissemination in France, Britain, Italy, Japan and other countries under the title of “Chinese TV – Reading Culture: The Qingming Festival of the 24 Solar terms”.5 linkage to more collaborative 7 hours slow live big beauty China desk and television documentary center special planning of the live broadcast of the linkage in jiangsu, sichuan, guizhou, fujian, yunnan, 5 local station, at the same time also collected in xinjiang, anhui, zhejiang, jiangxi, shandong, Beijing, Tibet, chongqing, such as more signal, led the audience to watch China cloud big beautiful rivers.Netizens around the country followed the live camera together with the spring snow Jiuzhaigou, xinghua thousand battlements rape fields, “a spring breeze is boundless yellow”, the huangguoshu waterfall, xijiang thousand households miao Village, Nanjing tulou, Honghe Yun terrace……”The east wind is always spring in all colors”, from the thousands of acres of flower fields to the extreme snow mountains, from the stacked terraces to the majestic waterfalls, from the beautiful scenery of the earth to the wonders of the sea of clouds, the film and television soundtrack of “love” and “scenery” perfectly reproduces the beautiful scenes and the beautiful and secret environment described in the ancient poetry.With thousands of miles of fertile fields and picturesque rivers and mountains, this live broadcast presented different scenery of Great Beauty China from multiple angles, leading the audience to appreciate the Chinese spring landscape with the revival of all things and the surging of spring, showing a magnificent picture of thousands of rivers and mountains, and enjoying the great beauty of Poetic China with the audience.The stories behind these landscapes are an expression of humanity and a tribute to China today.4 guest 19 actor Common interpretation of spring in China live in mobile, desk and television documentary center give full play to the platform in a powerful advantage to mobilize resources and invited linguists, documentary, calligrapher, performance artist, sometimes young actors, college students and guests from all walks of life poetry together, enjoy the spring, the view, taste the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture,Tell Chinese stories well.At the same time, the headquarters cleverly added platform film and television drama and documentary elements in the mobile live broadcast, connecting the characteristic food of Qingming Festival all over the country and gathering in the cloud.China in Chinese characters is a huge word world, Chinese characters make up poetry, poetry across the millennia, light up our mountains and rivers and our path, become the force we continue to move forward.The activity was specially designed with the eight characters of “Great Beauty Chinese Poetry qingming festival” as the theme. In the sincere reciting of guests from all walks of life and vivid interpretation of guests in the studio, the traditional poetry and poetic stories from excellent documentaries and TV dramas were connected together, so that the audience was immersed in a unique artistic conception of poetry and painting.Chen Ang, a teacher from Beijing 101 Middle School and a champion calligrapher, and Luo Tianyu, a young boy who loves writing poems, cross the screen to reproduce the artistic beauty of traditional Chinese poetry and calligraphy.Yang Haizheng, professor of Chinese Language and Literature at Peking University, used the Chinese characters “Zhong” and “fu” as examples to interpret the cultural code behind the Chinese characters and show the wisdom and philosophy of life of our ancestors.Relying on the profound content reserve, in the “Walking food map” segment, actors Ning Li, Xiao Zhan, Li Gengxi “video join”, professor Yang Haizheng, Teacher Chen Ang taste the food in poetry together, dig deeply the humanistic meaning behind the food.Through the lens of recording food, we can see the blood of taste buds, the transformation of food flavor and the historical changes of society.The formation and origin of all kinds of food reflects our great industrious and brave, self-improvement national spirit, people in the world after tasting fireworks, looked up to see is a thriving China.In this media integration activity, the Film and Documentary Center of China Media Group combined with channel resources of the media group to create a matrix and immersive communication scene with the linkage of large and small screens and the integration of online and offline with multi-media cross-platform layout, showing the beauty of China in spring in a multi-dimensional way.At the same time, this media live broadcasting event is also a cultural expression with modern value. It connects with ancient scholars across time and space through reading beautiful articles and reciting poems, making netizens feel the endless charm of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture and taking into account innovative cultural inheritance.Livestream uses poetry to promote traditional Chinese culture, spread Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories.