$51.46 billion!Hefei embraces the world with open arms

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The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that in 2021, the city’s level of openness to the outside world is stable and qualitative.In 2021, the import and export of the city maintained a growth rate of more than 30% for 12 consecutive months, and the total import and export volume reached 51.46 billion US dollars, up 37.2% year on year, accounting for 48% of the province, ranking the 8th among provincial capitals in China.The busy Hefei Port.On January 11, Lianbao (Hefei) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. came the good news, in 2020 to become the first hundred billion enterprises in Hefei to achieve good results, in 2021, the total import and export volume for the first time through ten billion, to 10.2 billion DOLLARS, become the first ten billion import and export enterprises in Anhui;In 2021, the annual revenue reached 122.7 billion yuan.Last year, zhuhai made many new breakthroughs in its open economy.Statistics show that for the first time, the number of enterprises with import and export volume exceeding 100 million US dollars exceeded 70, and the number of new enterprises with import and export performance exceeded 700.The annual export volume of competitive industries such as consumer electronics, flat panel display, integrated circuit and photovoltaic exceeds us $15 billion, and the import of key equipment has exceeded US $4 billion driven by the construction of major projects.Last year, Zhuhai vigorously expanded the Belt and Road Initiative, RCEP and other emerging markets, and its import and export to countries along the Belt and Road reached 90.86 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%.Imports and exports to RCEP countries reached 92.68 billion yuan, accounting for 27.9% of the city’s total.Cross-border electricity trading break through $2.03 billion on September 16, 2021, a loading value of $400000 laptop vehicles complete export customs declaration and smooth out of bayonet, marked the hefei open zong bao area by cross-border electricity export overseas warehouse 1210 business formally, this is the first single cross-border electricity special area in anhui province export overseas warehouse 1210 business.The picture shows the first successful inspection of “1210” bonded export goods in Hefei Comprehensive Bonded Zone.Last year, the turnover of cross-border e-commerce in Zhuhai exceeded us $2.03 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 53.6%.At the same time, one provincial cross-border e-commerce industrial park and three municipal cross-border e-commerce industrial parks were newly created. The Cross-border e-commerce industrial Park of Hefei Economic Development Comprehensive Protection Zone was awarded the only “excellent” grade in the provincial assessment of cross-border e-commerce industrial park in 2021.No matter how far wu Mengge goes, his heart stays here.Said | 1995 & 2021: hefei announced lens under different time and space of happiness!This is my family’s New Year’s Eve dinner!