A 28-year-old auxiliary police officer in Benxi volunteered to be on duty on New Year’s Eve because “I’m not married and have no partner”

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28 – year – old High shihang is benxi Lake traffic police brigade auxiliary police.Because he was “not married and had no partner”, he persuaded his parents and volunteered to apply to his superiors to replace his colleagues, so he worked on Jan 31, New Year’s Eve.After a busy day and night, he hit the road to meet the old police Chen Yan temporary group, began the New Year’s day work.In fact, High shihang is also an only child at home, he is on duty on New Year’s Eve, the family left two parents relative, is also very lonely.”However, I am more convenient than my colleagues to have a family.Besides, it’s only been three years, and I like it already.””It’s snowing again, so I’m thinking about those dangerous spots!”Chen Yan, 56, is an old traffic police officer in the Xihu Traffic police Brigade. He is usually responsible for traffic safety publicity. On The Spring Festival day on February 1 this year, he and a young auxiliary police officer, Gao Shihang, were on duty together.On New Year’s Eve, he noticed snow in the sky. “It started at about seven or eight o ‘clock in the evening, and it didn’t stop until midnight. I thought I’d have to get up early again tomorrow.”As a traffic police officer, Chen Yan deeply knows what “snow as order” is: as long as it snowed at night, without orders from leaders, everyone would go out on the road at 3 or 4 o ‘clock the next morning, “which pipe section does not have several key sections and dangerous points?Like our brigade, slope No. 8, Baojia Dongkou slope, and Caibeidaling…”Although there was less traffic on The first day of the New Year, “it was two-thirds less than usual, there was no congestion in the morning rush hour, and it was ok to get to work without snow.But the snow is not small, and I am worried about the danger points.”Therefore, before 6 am on the first day of the Lunar New Year, when most people are still dreaming because they stay up late to watch the Spring Festival Gala or have fun, Chen Yan got up, quietly packed the door and left home.”My wife is still sleeping in case she wakes her up.”When he went out, the snow on the road had not been cleaned. Chen Yan’s footsteps made a line of footprints on the snow.He reversed two sections of the bus and arrived at the head of the Caitun Bridge before 7 o ‘clock. “I used the platform to contact xiao Gao who was on duty with the team and met him directly on the road, so that there would be no delay in the return and return of the team.”In fact, Chen Yan is not responsible for CAI Tun Road, CAI North Road this section, but he is not strange to here, after all, is the old traffic police for more than 30 years.After two people meet, High shihang in the big bridge command traffic, Chen Yan patrol around the post, “this is the only way to the city of benxi to Color tun, color north, usually morning peak traffic flow.”Because it is the first day of the lunar New Year, plus after the snow, the traffic is not big, “also 8 o ‘clock xu car can more.”After 8 o ‘clock, two people ready to go to the Po cave slope to see, “that place a snow designated a car can not go, don’t go to see not assured.There are also three traffic posts and four intersections without traffic lights on the way. We should see them all.”In high shihang launch vehicle, Chen Yan received instructions: stream color road traffic accident.Two people had to turn around to the scene of the accident, “after the snow road wet slippery, a little careless vehicle may skid, lost control of the accident, fortunately no casualties.”Identity check, photo evidence…”There is no disagreement on the division of responsibility, and the insurance is over.”Chen Yan introduced, after all, the Chinese New Year, we are in a good mood, are also very good to talk, the accident soon finished.Two people back to the brigade hurriedly pull a breakfast, 8:30 xu arrived at the big slope outside Bao Jiadong, sure enough, because of the snow on the road, there are four or five private cars stuck on the slope.Chen Yan and High Shihang hurriedly get off to help push, “basically almost strong, the car can go.”Push the cars up, the two contacted the sanitation department to sprinkle salt to clear the snow.At 9:30, they arrived three or four kilometers away from Caitun to the xihu direction of slope 8, a tricycle is slipping there.Just help push up the tricycle, and received instructions: shaft road traffic accident, two people hurried to go.Haven’t wait to finish processing, “Xi Hu riverside guard has two taxis blow up again.”Fortunately, it was all very minor and it was very quick to deal with the scene and restore traffic.At this time the sanitation workers have been on the road snow removal, Chen Yan and Gao Shihang returned to the road command traffic, “this is mainly to ensure the safety of the sanitation workers snow removal, so that they can concentrate on work to improve efficiency.”Noon 12 when make, two people return brigade to have lunch, buttock still did not sit hot, receive instruction again: Hua Yang village that produced traffic accident again.All right, you guys are gonna have to put your bowls down and get to work.The afternoon was a little easier: the main and secondary roads were cleared of snow, several slopes were salted, and the sanitation workers went home to rest.However, Chen Yan and Gao Shihang did not idle: to pedestrians and drivers issued traffic safety leaflets, check drunk driving, overload…Each time they stopped the bus, they would salute the driver and passengers and wish New Year’s greetings before starting work.At 15:30 xu, the reporter is interviewing, Chen Yan and received a traffic accident instruction: a private car crashed into a taxi, rushed to the scene, High Shihang put the cone bucket to the accident after more than 30 meters away, Chen Yan view the accident vehicle driving license and driver’s license, then High Shihang photo forensics…Since the accident was relatively simple, Chen Yan told the driver on the spot: Transfer right and go straight, you are responsible for it, right?Private car drivers agree.Chen Yan told the two sides can disassemble the scene, waiting for insurance company processing on the line.”It’s easy to talk about, and it can take a long time if you’re bothered.”Take the initiative to apply for New Year’s Eve duty, a day and a night and even a day on the first day of the New Year’s Day in the past.Seeing is about to go off work, the topic has become easy, the reporter learned that the 28-year-old High shihang has no object.At this time, Chen Yan chipped in: “Because he is not married and no one, he volunteered to apply for the class to the New Year’s eve.”Reporter this just know, before high poem hang has been on a day one night shift.”So when I saw the snow last night I didn’t think much about this morning because I was on duty at work and I had to get up early no matter what.”Gao Shihang said with a smile.Gao Shihang told reporters that New Year’s Eve at 7:30 p.m., snow began, 9 p.m., received instructions: a traffic accident near the riverside garden of Xi Lake.”It was a serious collision between a taxi and a private car. The passenger in the back of the taxi was injured.”Because the road condition is not good, High shihang and colleagues with half an hour from the team arrived at the scene, the injured have been a taxi driver dozen 120 sent to the hospital.Take photos, draw pictures, verify vehicle and driver information…Because someone was injured, they had to stop the car.Gao shihang said that it took 50 minutes to deal with the accident, but before they could return to the team, they received another traffic accident alert, “then the accident was connected, a series of seven accidents, there were two people injured.When I got back to the team, the Spring Festival Gala had already started singing ‘Unforgettable Tonight’.”