Deep integration of lake island streets to build a new ecology of party building leading grassroots governance

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Letter network on February 4 (correspondent Zhang Hui reporter Du Gao burning) one hundred years of struggle, the initial heart is strong.The year 2021 is a crucial juncture in the party’s historical development. The whole country has made solid efforts to study and educate the Party’s history, and the quality of Party building has been improved.Under the guidance of party construction, the development model of “strengthening party construction, grasping service and promoting development” is deepening day by day across the country.Qingdao, identified by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee as a demonstration city of urban grassroots Party construction, is realizing high-quality economic and social development under the leadership of party construction by constantly improving the depth and distance of urban grassroots Party construction.Shibei District, as one of the first districts and cities in Qingdao to lay out party building and lead grassroots governance, has formed a characteristic party building brand in each street under its jurisdiction, and the party building work continues to be implemented in detail.Among them, the lake island street in the street under the leadership of the party working, adhere to the party leading, based on the actual, residents of the masses to solve jurisdiction “distress sorrow look forward to,” a breakthrough grid construction, urban governance continued ascension, has formed the organization integration, resource integration, ecological coupling polymerization, the minds of the party lead the new ecological in grassroots governance.We should adhere to the guidance of Party building and deeply integrate Party building with community-level governance.To govern the Party, we must focus on its foundation.As the foundation of all the Party’s work and combat effectiveness, primary-level Party organizations bear the important responsibility of pushing the Party’s line, principles and policies to take root.In 2021, Hudao Street, Shibei District, Qingdao city has always adhered to the guidance of Party construction and formed a new situation of grass-root governance led by Party construction with Party organization as the core and grid as the basic service unit, organically connecting party organizations of various units, industries and fields, realizing organization co-construction, resource sharing, mechanism linkage and function optimization.Around the party leads the urban grassroots governance and development level, on the basis of comprehensive promotion, street party working plan as a whole to promote the epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development, laying solid foundation of community governance, coagulation hearts meet force will party history study education closely integrated with the actual, full implementation of strict party, style construction, measures and do a good job stability control the handling of complaint reporting,New breakthroughs and achievements were made in all our work.To grasp party building is to grasp the overall situation.No work can be carried out without the strong leadership of the Party.Comprehensive strictly for this purpose, the lake island street will pay special attention to the construction of grass-roots party organizations, and actively explore the party lead the merge with the depth of each work, grasping innovation, heavy, strong service function, improve basic-level party organization’s fight fortress function and the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, party construction and grass-roots governance has achieved initial depth of fusion.Relying on the shibei district party committee “style construction year” requirements, the lake island streets in accordance with the “five standards”, “six good” stars to create grid requirements, combined with the actual street “a grid a characteristic”, the rational allocation of grid resources, active docking resources grid project, and focus on the grid of complex, weak foundation, promote balanced development of jurisdiction grid,For the party to lead grassroots governance 2.0 version, lay a solid foundation.Through unremitting efforts, the grid construction within the lake island street has formed a group of unique “leaders”, such as the cultivation of the formation of the “red tea house”, “grid walk”, “veterans service team”, “grid talent service station” and a number of grid characteristics of the brand;Cooperated with key enterprises in the area such as Sinotrans, Xingda Printing and Huatuo Technology to build grid party and mass service stations, and innovated and set up characteristic grids such as “grid talent Service Stations” and youth Relay stations.(source: shibei) at the same time, the lake island street talent service station set up constantly optimized grid, around a complete coverage of “grid, resource sharing, management without blind spots, zero distance service” work objectives, the party leading the grid service to do addition, actively implement the “1 + N” grid talent service system, build a talent service circle.Based on this, from the party and the masses and the demand of enterprises, according to the construction of application scenarios, and provides the active ecological for grid service, strengthen the factory building, has been built and put into use grid service station 20 between the party and the masses, grid service coverage rate of 100%, gradually formed a “party building leads, characteristic driving, leading benchmarking, the whole advancement” of the party-building grid position building a new pattern.To better play to the party’s core leading role, the fine service crowd, lake island streets comprehensive strengthening the construction of organization system, perfect the “street party working committee – community – grid party branch – LouYuan group – party member center door” organization setup, the streets are divided into 21 unit grid, grid party branch 10, party branch five joint grid,And relying on the original grid party branch secretary, grid party construction instructor and grid members of the three leading group, the establishment of lake and Island characteristics of the “3+N” — three leading group + characteristic team organizational structure, promote the grid from the grassroots governance unit to quickly transform into a frontline fighting unit.Starting from the people’s most strongly reflected, the most direct people’s livelihood issues, optimize the grid function to the maximum, extend the organizational chain to the “nerve end”.Study hundred years of party history, draw strength to do practical things for the masses to know the road, must first for history.Looking back at the century-old journey of the CPC, countless Communists have constantly summed up their experience and improved their skills in the great practice of revolution, development and reform. They have built up the backbone of the century-old Party and laid the foundation stone on the road to national rejuvenation.It is a major event in the Party’s political activities to carry out party history study and education throughout the Party.Street party working seriously implement the shibei lake island of party history study about education deployment requirements, the whole street party history study education arrangement deployment, by a party history study education mobilization meeting, etc., and communicate study and implement the central and provincial, city and district party committee party history study education mobilization meeting spirit, takes office responsible practice mission, his mind promote party history education study unity,Go deep and walk solid.Since party history study education carried out, the lake island streets actively mobilize the masses of party members and cadres to learn history understanding, learning history, history of credit, learn chong-de shi, seriously study to carry out various forms of education activities, through the rich learning activities form, innovation, the carrier, to enhance the education of party history study attraction, radiation and influence, stimulate the learning enthusiasm of the masses of party members and cadres at the grass-roots level,Understand the history of the red, read stories of the red, inherit the spirit of the red, stay true to our original aspiration, draw wisdom and strength in the course of one hundred years, and constantly open up new prospects in our work with a more energetic state of mind.Study centennial party history, draw forward strength.In 2021, the lake island street party history study education as an important political task of work throughout the year, the party history study with summing up experience, promote education work together, to solve practical problems, widely mobilize the work enthusiasm of all cadres, the “I does the practical work for the masses” party history learning education as the important content of practice activities, based on the actual,Adhere to the side of learning, while practice, while implementation, multiple measures to promote solid “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, promote the study and education of Party history in-depth and practical, and do practical things for the masses of residents, do good things.(source:Shibei) organized by street party working group members take the lead, go down to the basic unit party member cadre among the masses and into the production line, in-depth subordinate units, in-depth work service object, listen, understand the needs of the people’s livelihood, focus people centered on “distress sorrow to” problem, is focused on the development (difficult problem to be solved, focusing on long-term failed to solve the problems left over by history of the people’s livelihood,Careful sorting, item by item implementation, rapid response, immediate action and reform.Since party history study education carried out, the lake island street activities treatment of annual accumulative total more than 60 times, preach 200 session, the audience of more than 5000 people, has continued to carry out “I does the practical work for the masses” series of theme activities of more than 200 times, involving the epidemic prevention and control, environmental health management, practice of the new era of civilization conflict mediation, the people’s livelihood issues, and many other aspects.More than 20,000 residents were visited, 300 problems were collected, and more than 260 problems were solved, which was widely welcomed by residents.Sincere service for the people, let the party building achievements play the role of beautiful residents better life party building work, do solid is productive forces, stronger is competitive, do fine is cohesion.The basic purpose of grassroots Party building is to serve the people.For area residents of happiness and satisfaction, and improve the lake island street party working give a full play to the superiority of the party leading the grassroots governance effect, straighten out the system and mechanism, conduct grassroots governance iterative operation, the people government hotline 12345, political interaction and digital urban management, the party lead the grass-roots management information platform, e home five big platform to conduct a comprehensive integration between the party and the masses,Organic combination of grassroots “party building” and grid “platform” will make up the short board of low efficiency of circulation scheduling.In terms of organizational structure, on the basis of the “1+3+N” organizational system in the early stage, the deployment of personnel forces, the street youth cadres, community workers into the grid, improve the “1+3+N” personnel team system and the “5+2” professional team system, the resources, services, management at the front line, promote the organizational system to the bottom, to achieve “one network to provide all the bottom”.On the solution, the establishment of the party leading, diverse participation, grid linkage, consultation work of grid deliberation and decision mechanism between the party and the masses, rely on “red tea” grid councils, red property “talkfest” and other forms, the problems of the masses feel strongly about, again through the report whistled mechanisms such as, to solve the problem of the masses “distress sorrow hope”,We will focus on solving “worries, worries and anxieties” reported by the public.(Source: Shibei District) By the end of 2021, party Group E had received a total of 9,472 topics, with a completion rate of 100%. The topics mainly involved environmental health, residents’ travel safety, cultural activities, etc., which were highly praised by residents.On the responsibility to implement, “a line working group” sink lake island street community, a line of research to the grid, using distance measurement community, with sincerely solve residents requested, by means of “one line working group” resource hierarchy and division of function department, street will visit summary classification, interactive coordination between group and group to solve.Taking wives at the same time, combining with “partnerships” system and “all the party members’ bright flag action” requirements, focus on “distress sorrow to” concern of the masses, the community grid to ascertain party member and low income family difficulties within the group, give full play to the “one line working group” party members and cadres, party members and cadres and community members volunteer role.With the continuous depth of party construction, the street under the governance solutions to the diverse needs and administrative resources relative shortage of contradictions also revealed, in order to solve this problem, the lake island street “partners” red mechanism innovation, speed up the “red partners” expansion, actively guide the enterprises and institutions, social organizations, such as claim service projects, participate in community construction,We have actively promoted “red partners” to integrate resources into grids and chains and solve difficult problems, effectively resolving hot and difficult issues reported by a large number of people, and forming a new ecology of party building leading grassroots governance featuring integration of organizations, integration of resources, popular support and ecological coupling.(Source: Shibei District) The mechanism of “Red Partners” is mainly aimed at solving more difficulties and providing more services to the people.In June 2021, Hudao Street fully launched the renovation plan of Hudao New Village. Hudao Street visited the “red partner” with the renovation plan in comparison with the resource list.During this period, Lianyungang Jieda New Energy Co., Ltd. took the initiative to repair many damaged pavilions free of charge;Qingdao Lvfan Recycled Building Materials Co., Ltd. took the initiative to donate 3,200 square meters of permeable bricks to level the ground of the residential area, laying a foundation for improving the overall environmental quality of the old residential area.In the renovation process, the streets focus on environmental sanitation, demolition of illegal enclosure for planting vegetables, hardening the ground more than 3000 square, the success of the infrastructure “hard power” and “soft power” livable environment to create a beautiful and harmonious livable environment for residents.But these, also just lake island streets for the people service “the tip of the iceberg”, in recent years, the streets to concentrate the power of the red guard is innovation, district cadres and party members to run the volunteers in every corner of the street: nucleic acid detection, such as vaccination and epidemic prevention, city management, creates the city rubbish, such as a line, public support, for the convenience of huimin service line…Under the joint efforts of every party member, volunteer and resident, the “urgent and anxious” problems concerned by the masses have been eliminated from sight.For example, for the “twin cities joint innovation” work, Hudao Street “online + offline” synchronous efforts, the area of the fire facilities signs, cultural and sports facilities, public service advertising and propaganda positions to carry out a comprehensive survey, increase and repair, using the area of the publicity board, LED electronic screen constantly rolling broadcast public service advertising and city creation slogans.To emerge in the process of urban environment promote the jurisdiction of the restriction of problems, such as heap corridor place, circle courtyard destroyed the green light, etc., punch, a “zero tolerance” attitude, in the clean up, detailed MoPai, carries out the responsibility, pushing on the basis of promoting party construction, ZongZhi, emergency, such as urban grid implementation “multi-network integration”, and carry out on supervision,Periodically “look back” to find problems and rectify them in time.Facing complex and varied demands of the masses, the heavy grassroots governance task, lake island street party working for the party leading, through the integration of resources, the city management, peace and security, the people’s livelihood security, convenience services, such as forge work sharing of grassroots governance pattern, unceasingly strengthens the political functions of party organization at the grass-roots level and the service function,The city has explored the formation of grassroots Party building leading social governance innovation “lake island experience”.This year’s work is being translated into visible results and changes in every corner of the street, and has become a real benefit to the residents of the district.The blueprint for a better life is gradually taking shape. Facing the future, Hudao Street is also striving for a new pattern of grassroots governance led by party building with stronger cohesion and combat effectiveness.