Dou Luo official suggested that Posei do not want to die, take the dragon when the gun, the chance to kill tang three only once

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In the latest plot of douro mainland animation, shrek seven strange fifth test all completed, Tang SAN also finally defeated the dragon Douro.Although the official made some magic change, from the original hidden weapon, change to teach Tang Xiao Haotian nine absolutely, but the effect is better, two people’s war is also more blood, special effects more fried crack.Just as the little monsters are immersed in the fifth test of joy, but a great crisis, is coming toward tang three.Although tang three is easy to be jealous, also meet all kinds of strong, but this is different, because he is facing the soul division of the real first person, that is, Posei’s heart.In fact, two consecutive episodes of the douluo official hinted at a problem, that is tang SAN and Qianren Snow in the completion of the divine test, And Qiandao flow will usher in the end of their own lives.Because poseisi and Qiandaoliu, as the great sacrifice of the sea god and the great sacrifice of the Hall of Wu Soul, is to sacrifice their own everything to the heir, to help the heir achieve the divine throne.From thousand road flow and wave saixi across the air dialogue, can see, thousand road flow has been ready to die, after all, the angel heir is his granddaughter, for granddaughter Qianren snow sacrifice, natural willing.However, there is no relationship between Bothisi and Tang SAN, how could they be willing to pay their own life, from the latest plot, the official has clearly hinted that Bothisi does not want to die, but she is not afraid of death, but for Tang Chen, eager to taste the life has not been love.Take dragon when the gun so that Posei has an alien, to their ninety-nine super douluo war, even if tang three have countless plug-ins, he is still easy to kill, just a big move can do it.But she can not directly kill tang three, not to say the people of Poseidon island will not be aware of, only Poseidon adult is not so able to fool, I’m afraid if rashly start, he will immediately ashes, so Poseidon can only start under the rules of the test, righteouslykill Tang three.This is also when the dragon when the gun makes the move, after all, dragon dou Luo in the seven holy pillars dou Luo battle force row one, to say can kill tang three people, I’m afraid he belongs to.From the posei and Dragon douro in the pre-game conversation, you can see, Posei signalled dragon douro how to play how to play, don’t leave, with all your might, once tang three have lost the trend, directly killed.It is therefore, dragon fight luo and Tang three war, recruit to kill, especially the last big move, but also contains the destruction of the breath, Tang three also felt from the dragon to kill.Unfortunately dragon dou think this is the will of the triton’s adult, don’t let yourself to water, but it is ceci when gun to him, after all, tang lost three, and not find fewer opportunities to challenge, for a period of time again in the science of uniting the challenge, maybe winning percentage is bigger, completely don’t have to challenge the dragon fights for the first time, will face a freaky killed.The opportunity to kill Tang three, only once as mentioned before, Posei can only look for opportunities from Poseidon test, logically to kill him, can not let others see her little action, but this opportunity is not much, dragon dou Luo this is the best opportunity, can perfect the excuse to kill, but tang three clearance.Fortunately, because tang three in the fifth test of the trick, let the original sixth test of the examiner, from the seven holy column douluo into a big sacrifice, which also let The posei and have the opportunity to kill tang three.But this is also the last chance to kill Tang Three, after all, Poseidon test, Poseidon will not serve as an examiner, naturally there is no chance to move.The above is the whole content of this issue, you look at the officer, you think tang Three how to crack the heart of the death of posei?Feel free to write your opinion in the comments and discuss it with you. Thank you.For more exciting content, check out the new dimension of progress