How can Guangdong cultivate thousands of skilled personnel

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A few days ago, the human resources and social security Department of Guangdong province learned that the total number of skilled talents in Guangdong reached 13.57 million, including 4.56 million highly skilled talents, accounting for 33.6 percent of the total, both of which rank among the top in China.Where do the thousands of skilled talents in Guangdong come from?As the largest province in economy and population in China, Guangdong has natural industrial soil to absorb skilled personnel.However, it still needs to take many measures to transform from a province with large population into a province with large skilled personnel. In recent years, guangdong has made efforts in many aspects that deserve attention.The team of skilled workers is an important force supporting the transformation from Made in China to created in China.To cultivate more modern “Xiao Lu Ban”, we should start from school first.As the main field of training highly skilled personnel, Guangdong has 609,000 students in 148 technical colleges and universities, accounting for 1/6 of the national total, and sends more than 150,000 graduates every year. The initial employment rate of graduates remains above 98%, establishing the largest modern technical education system in China.It is worth mentioning that Guangdong has also created a school-enterprise dual education model.Guided by industrial demand, Guangdong has established 183 provincial-level key specialties and 40 specialty specialties for advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and modern service industries.Guangdong Technical colleges have in-depth cooperation with 96 fortune global 500 enterprises and more than 700 large domestic enterprises, with an average of 7 enterprises (industries) for each major.Since 2018, “Guangdong Cuisine Master” and “Southern Guangdong Homemaking”, which are also called “three projects”, have become “golden signs” for guangdong to cultivate skilled talents, helping to solve major problems such as employment increase and income, skill shortage and homemaking service for people’s livelihood.According to statistics, by the end of November 2021, a total of 7.21 million people had been trained under the three projects.Among them, since the implementation of the “Cantonese Cuisine master” project, the province has carried out a total of 336,000 training.In 2021, guangdong selected 100 “Famous Cantonese restaurants”, 199 “Famous Cantonese food products”, 30 “five-star Chefs” and 79 “four-star Chefs” across the province through the selection of famous restaurants, products and chefs.In 2021 alone, the “Southern Guangdong Homemaking” project has carried out a total of 970,000 person-times of homemaking service training, driving 1.58 million person-times of employment and entrepreneurship.At present, the number of domestic service enterprises in the province has reached 26,800, nearly double that of 2018, and the ability to absorb employment has been further improved.By building the “Guangdong skilled workers online” platform, building a number of entrepreneurship incubation bases, “Guangdong home economics” comprehensive service demonstration bases, industrial parks and other carriers, the “three projects” have effectively improved the skills and quality of workers and employment competitiveness.At present, Guangdong has built 42 carriers such as domestic industry parks, domestic supermarkets and comprehensive bases, and 322 grassroots service stations.Guangdong has built 100 provincial training bases and master studios for “Cantonese cuisine masters”, 10 famous villages for “Cantonese cuisine masters”, 384 cantonese cuisine spots for rural tourism and 32 fine food tourism routes, and formed a number of characteristic rural cultural tourism brands such as “Meiling Goose King” in Shaoguan and “Yushui Chef Village” in Meizhou.At the same time, in recent years, Guangdong has continued to carry out various skills competitions to promote learning and teaching, providing more stages for skilled talents to prove themselves.In 2021, through the creation of famous “Cantonese Cuisine Master” stores and famous products and chefs, the fourth “Cantonese Cuisine Master” Skills Competition in The Greater Bay Area, the second provincial skills Competition, and the first “Southern Guangdong Home Economics” skills Competition will be held…”Three Projects” in various forms of skill competitions have been carried out in Guangdong.The average age of the contestants in the first “Southern Guangdong Homemaking” skills competition in Guangdong province was about 35, and the proportion of young people under 35 in some “Internet plus homemaking” enterprises reached 60 percent.Ge Guoxing, deputy director of guangdong’s department of Human Resources and Social Security, said young people are becoming more enthusiastic about the homemaking industry.”Nanyue Home Economics” project has gradually become a new field for young people to find jobs and start their own businesses, and more and more young people with higher education and different majors have joined it.Recently, the “14th Five-year Plan of human Resources and Social Security development in Guangdong Province” has made it clear once again that the “Cantonese Cuisine Master” project will be built into a major employment project, industrial project and livelihood project with Guangdong characteristics and unique advantages, and become a bright name card showing Lingnan culture to the world.How do tens of millions of skilled people continue to grow?”We will continue to improve workers’ skills to boost employment and income,” ge said. “We will build an army of knowledgeable, skilled and innovative workers by establishing a high-quality vocational and technical education system and a system for training technical personnel, deepening reform of the evaluation system for technical personnel and optimizing the talent supply structure.”(Economic Daily reporter Pang Caixia)