“I take responsibility, I am proud” Ren Dayang: The Spring Festival stick to the post to protect the peace of the family

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Ren Dayang: The Spring Festival stick to the post to protect the peace of the family “Hello!Police, routine inspection, please cooperate. Please shut down the vehicle.Good, please show your id………”This is guang ‘an district police bureau special patrol brigade police Ren Dayang during the Spring Festival duty said the most words.Thousands of lights, family reunion is a warm portrayal of the Spring Festival.When we enjoy the holiday joy, the happiness of reunion, can always have so a group of people, they hold the silence, s home, for everyone to stick to a line on duty day and night, for personnel and vehicles to carry on the strict inspection, explaining the responsibility and mission in action, with actions to protect the wanjiadenghuo, peace for the people writing the most beautiful “fu”, they are policemen.Today’s “I bear, I am proud” program, we go to guang ‘an District public security bureau special patrol brigade to know a policeman from the police for more than 10 years – Ren Dayang.Wearing a police uniform wearing a mask is guangan city north Binjiang Road inventory point, check the past vehicles of the police is Ren Dayang, he spent the tenth Spring Festival on the job.On this day, Ren Ocean as usual, and colleagues in the inspection point to check driving personnel ID card, confirm driving personnel information.”During the Spring Festival, as the number of people returning home increases, our duty becomes heavier and the pressure on duty increases.”Guang ‘an district police branch special patrol brigade police ren Ocean said.During the Spring Festival, with the increase of returnees, cross every ZhiQinDian a main has set more police officers on duty, they have to “three shifts a week, 24 hours a day shift unattended, President of ocean and colleagues also struck on jobs, protect people’s personal and property safety, for people’s conscientious celebrate the holiday season.”At work, when the people come to us for help when they are in trouble, we help them overcome the difficulties through our efforts, and the recognition of the people is the most heartwarming moment for me.”Guang ‘an district police branch special patrol brigade police ren Ocean said.Not only that, the ocean, said during the Spring Festival, they besides do a good job of daily patrol, also give full play to the functions of the public security organ shall, by giving the people against fraud flyer, strive to prevent and reduce the people cheated, lead more people to know the knowledge, build strong “civil fraud prevention” firewall,We will effectively protect the people’s money bags.More than ten years from the police, for Ren Dayang, the Spring Festival on duty has been accustomed to things, because the nature of the work is special, he often absent from the important festival and family reunion, although there is all kinds of helplessness in the heart, but in the face of work is still indomitantly persistent.And Ren Ocean feel that they protect the city is to protect their own small home, only the city stability and harmony, their small home is more safe.”Since I joined the police for more than ten years, DUE to the particularity of police work, I have not returned to my hometown to spend the Spring Festival with my parents for nearly ten years.But as a people’s police, can let the people live a stable and peaceful festival, I think our pay is worth it, MY heart also feel very proud and happy.”Guang ‘an district police branch special patrol brigade police ren Ocean said.In fact, like Ren Dayang for many years to stick to the post of the public security police can be found everywhere.They also have a family, but also love home, but also long for the Spring Festival reunion, because of the special occupation, the shoulder will be more this responsibility.In their view, although the New Year can not be reunited with their families, but can guard the lights of their hometown is also a kind of happiness.(Gan Xiuyu, Yang Zhicheng)