Pregnant body of angels in white with adhere to the interpretation of angels

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In the corridor of the Traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation area of The Community Health Service Center of Mishixiang Street, you can always see a figure. She is clumsy and quick, hurried and unhurried. She, Wang Yiping, is the big sister of our rehabilitation area, and also the “giant panda” of our department, an angel in white who is pregnant with love.April 28 is her due date. She had originally planned to take a leave on March 31, but considering the special situation of the current epidemic and the tight allocation of department staff…She volunteered to give up her vacation and continue to work.”Some of the nurses in our department were sent to the isolation point, while others had to take on the tasks of visiting, sampling, COVID-19 vaccination and support. We needed staff everywhere. If we couldn’t go to the front line, we would stick to our position,” said Wang Yiping, a second-child mother in the rehabilitation ward who was due to give birth.No grandiose words, no earth-shattering deeds, there are just in the daily work, quietly dedicated to their own strength.And it’s because of her commitment that we have the confidence to support people in different positions when they are needed.(Source: People’s Government website of Gongshu District, Hangzhou)