Ten areas of Lianyungang city in Jiangsu province were adjusted to medium-risk areas

2022-08-01 0 By

According to the office of Lianyungang City COVID-19 Emergency Response Headquarters, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council and after comprehensive evaluation, the Headquarters of Lianyungang City decided that, as of the date of release,Haizhou District Mingzhu Crown Garden Building 20, Xiangyi Century Huacheng Community Building 20, Xiangyi Jiangnan community building 7, Huarun Apartment, Shuanglong Village jianxi Team 65, Xinhai Mingjun building 18, Hainan Community building 32, Yulan International building 5, Xinhai Mingjun Building 2, Jinhuayuan community building A2 were adjusted to medium risk areas.Risk levels in other regions remain unchanged.After the adjustment, the city’s existing 99 medium-risk areas.Source: CCTV News