The Spring Festival is coming to an end, and the return peak will come this afternoon!These three points need to be focused on

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Spring Festival holiday seven tianle, has passed half, friends have started to return?According to hangzhou highway traffic police, the Spring Festival has passed half way, and the overall operation of hangzhou expressway is safe and orderly. Affected by many factors such as recent snow, ice and low temperature and the epidemic, the flow has decreased significantly compared with the previous days. The average daily flow of the first three days of the Spring Festival is 230,000 vehicles, and the flow of yellow license trucks and buses remains at about 10,000.Among them, the flow began to pick up on February 2.Since February 4th, there has been a return flow, in which the hangzhou-Xinjing Expressway, Hanghui Expressway to Hangzhou direction of the traffic flow increased.In addition, affected by snow and ice, go to Daming Mountain to watch the snow scenery choose Hangzhou Hui Highway to Anhui direction of self-driving private cars are also more.Hangzhou high speed traffic police remind: with the arrival of return traffic flow, high speed driving please drive carefully, civilized travel, such as the occurrence of a long queue on each highway slow, please update the navigation equipment in time, according to the navigation tips to make a reasonable detour.Affected by the snow and ice weather, Hangzhou high-speed traffic police also combined with the road conditions under the jurisdiction, according to the situation to close part of the entrance of the toll station, the “two passengers and one dangerous” traffic restrictions and other control measures, drivers should timely understand the latest road information before going out.Pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control policy according to the epidemic prevention and control policy, at present, hangzhou fuyang area highway within the scope of administrative areas, counties and townships GuoShengDao, village road, rail transport, water and other implement traffic control, personnel, could not only into the car, which the high-speed involved nine, respectively is hangzhou restored the tung chau island, ling bridge, fuyang, the goal, the ancient games;Around the city expressway west fu line Fuyang north, Fuyang west, Lushan, Fuyang south toll station.Around the city expressway west double line, Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway hangzhou main line is currently normal, high-speed transit has no impact.The return peak time is estimated from 14:00 to 22:00 on February 5th;From 8:00 to 22:00 on February 6th.G56 hang Hui expressway Hang To Yueshan tunnel group, near the Submersible interchange.2, G25 Hangzhou Xinjing highway field mouth interchange, Hangzhou to Fuchunjiang Bridge, gantan interchange, near the port hub.3, G92 Hangyong high-speed Hangxiang Hongken hub rear.S14 hangzhou-Changzhou-Yi Expressway Hangxiang Niujiaoshan tunnel, Jingshan Hub.5, G2504 ring road Hangxiang Xiasha Bridge, huzhou to Zhangjia interworking rear.G6021 Hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway Hangxiang Yangcun Bridge interchange rear.7, G4012 li Ning high speed Hangxiangyao mountain tunnel group.It is worth noting that during the return period of the Spring Festival holiday, the service area is prone to vehicle saturation, especially the G25 Hangzhou Xinjing High-speed Tonglu service area, Jiande service area, G56 Hangzhou Hui high-speed Linan service area, Longgang service area, S14 Hangzhou Changyi high-speed Jingshan service area, affected by the surge of short-term tourist self-driving vehicle travel,It is easy to saturate and even appear to queue up and pour back into the main line. It is suggested that the driver fuel well in advance and take a rest early.During the epidemic, please take good personal safety precautions and comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention policies.During the period, Hangzhou high-speed traffic police in the jurisdiction of the high-speed set up 23 accident fast processing points.During the holiday, the number of accidents has also increased compared to normal, while the traffic volume on highways has increased sharply.According to big data statistics, rear-end accidents caused by not keeping a safe distance between cars account for more than 70% of the total accidents.Hangzhou high-speed traffic police warm reminder: Spring Festival return, focus on the three points: 1. Planning in advance, off-peak travel.Pay attention to the weather forecast, traffic information and traffic safety tips, plan and get familiar with the route in advance, arrange the travel time scientifically, set up navigation reasonably, and avoid the travel peak as far as possible.2. Drive carefully and drive civilly.Holiday travel, such as queuing slow do not be impatient, do not randomly plug lane change, not to illegal occupation of the emergency lane (hard shoulder), to avoid some unnecessary scraping collision accident.3. Driving at high speed, remember the “five life”.All fasten the seat belt, fatigue distraction life harm, driving distance leeway, follow the truck accident, illegal parking danger, failure or accident, “car pull over, people evacuated, namely the alarm”, three actions must be fast.In the case of vehicle movement and no casualties, evacuate the scene in the first time, drive the car to the nearest toll station off the highway, dial 12122 alarm;If the vehicle can not move, be sure to open the double jump, in the premise of ensuring safety, 150 meters in the direction of the car placed triangle, personnel evacuated to the right side of the guardrail, call 12122 alarm phone;If it is more than car accidents, on the premise of ensuring security, simple record video or photos, driving license, exchange, nearby the toll station under high speed or after driving to the service area, dial the alarm telephone waiting for the traffic police, never for the sake of a simple accident, long stranded on the highway, lest cause unnecessary trouble and cause congestion for a long time.Source/Qianjiang Evening News editor/Zhao Zhixuan for two even!