Why did gan General Moye sacrifice sword with human sacrifice, not ancient superstition, experts give scientific explanation

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The ancient people made weapons, among which the craft is amazing, no matter how many years of burial, or can not block the sharp light of weapons.Ancient people were very particular about the process of making weapons, which also had some feudal superstitions, such as the production of swords.In ancient times, sword was a sharp weapon and symbolized one’s identity, while in modern times, sword is a classic antique.During the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the most famous swordsmiths were The gangeneral Moye and his wife.The swords they made were of high quality and famous.And that’s how the couple make their money.There is a saying that the moye couple used human beings to sacrifice their swords, which may sound creepy now, but experts say it can be explained by scientific evidence.The ancient people who lived in feudal times believed in some legends and believed that many things were “spiritual”.In order to have reiki, you need to have something foreign.Ganjiang Moye and his wife made swords as well, only in this way can they produce more powerful swords.Ganjiang Moye and his wife were very famous sword-casting masters in ancient times, and the modern sword can be said to be unique through the ages. They had very high requirements for the craft of sword-casting.In the folk at that time, there was a legend about the couple of ganjiang Moye casting swords.They used the best mines to make the material for the sword, but the ore did not burn and remained intact.Moye was afraid that her husband would fall into trouble if the deadline for casting the sword could not be fulfilled. For her husband’s sake, and to show her sincerity in casting the sword, Moye jumped into the furnace to finish firing the ore.It is because of this act that the legend of the human sacrifice sword has been born.Although this legend is exaggerated, the legend about the human sacrifice sword is spread according to certain circumstances.After the influence of people, the soul of the people into the sword, so cast out of the sword is really reiki, is really unique.At that time in the feudal superstitious age, it is understandable that people have such a saying about sword making.Moye and his wife lived in the chaotic Spring and Autumn Period. They were skilled in making swords, and their swords were extremely sharp. They were famous all over the world and were outstanding in the field of sword production.Because of its fame, it was well known to the king of Chu.The king of Wu asked Ganjiang Moye to make him a sword that was unique in the world. The couple could not refuse the request of the king of Wu, so they had to do as the king asked.But ganjiang knew very well that since they were unique, the king of Wu would probably take their lives after they succeeded in making swords.Because only then is the sword truly unique.The king of Wu got the sword made by Ganjiang Moye for him. It was not long before he got rid of Ganjiang and was very pleased that the sword in his hand was a unique one.When gan Jiang Moye’s son grew up, he was determined to avenge his parents.He will parents buried under the tree sword out, day and night hard practice, hope that one day can use this sword, get rid of the king of Wu, revenge for their parents.Coincidentally, the king of Wu dreamed at night that he was assassinated by a young man with a red nose. The next day, the king of Wu ordered the whole journey to find such a person. If he could find him and take the initiative to send him to the door, he would be rewarded heavily.He had to hide for a while, when he met a strong man who knew his story and decided to help him.As long as I can avenge my parents, I can pay any price. I sacrificed moye’s son’s head to the strong man, so that the strong man could get rid of the king of Wu.The sword left by the strong man who got rid of the king of Wu was called Ganjiang, and the other sword was called Moye.It is said that in the process of making the sword, they accidentally cut their hands and a few drops of blood fell into the furnace, but the quality of the sword was even better than before.Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated, from the perspective of modern science, the element iron in blood can raise the temperature of the furnace, and the addition of iron can speed up the quality of the sword.The sword was cast in this way because the iron had changed into steel.Ancient sword making did not have a complete periodic table like modern sword making, which allowed for authoritative scientific experiments.But the ancients were also very smart and knew how to make the quality of jian better from practice.As for the legend of sacrificial sword, from a scientific point of view, if there are other organic compounds mixed with it, it can indeed accelerate the burning of fire.Elements found in blood, such as iron.If this element is added into the production of casting sword, it can not only become a fire booster, but also make the quality of the sword smelt more perfect, so that the quality of the sword will change.So the ancients are not completely superstitious, because there is a basis to do so.In fact, the use of animal blood is the same reason, blood nutrients are the same.As the most famous sword casting family in ancient history, Moxie couple in order to cast sword, strive for perfection, they can even use blood to complete the task of casting sword.Thousands of years ago they cast out of the ganjang Moxie sword, is the world’s unique, so that later generations sigh their superb technology.The swords they cast are extremely sharp and shiny. If they touch the tip of the sword, they will be hurt. Even after thousands of years of baptism underground, they still have the same anger.You can see from the sword how demanding their craftsmanship was.The ancients advocated the nature of heaven and earth and superstitious legends. When creating new things, they would give new things some “reiki”.A lot of customs through the screening of The Times is also handed down from ancient times, for example, a lot of places do wedding or hold what ceremony are very pay attention to date and feng shui, there are also a lot of strange phenomenon is science can not explain.But if you use the ancients saying it can be justified.The craftsmanship and superb craftsmanship of the ancients are worth learning, especially in modern times, where people are impetuous every day, they need to calm down and do some things that test their carefulness and patience.