Saving the South China Tiger early results, three children four children record, peace open New Year public protection!

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# # ping an group, the year of the tiger spring spread in recent years, the attention to the endangered animals, and protect is very seriously, because they are the same with us, they also need to be love, to be taken care of, they also have the right to have a party on earth land, therefore, our country also in 1983 set up the “China wildlife conservation association,”The South China tiger is classified as one of the first class protected animals in China.Speak of the south China tiger, must not say you can also think of it another name – “China tiger”, but you don’t know is that we know of the south China tiger, in the world is on the verge of extinction, but in our country, the number of the south China tiger left more than 200, because of the south China tiger is the population inbreeding populations of high frequency, gave birth to cubs survival rate is relatively low,So it’s all farmed.Although the genes of the South China tiger can be inherited in captivity, the inbreeding coefficient of the south China tiger in captivity will be higher and the ecological value of the south China tiger will not be realized.If it is a wild South China tiger, then it will be more conducive to the conservation of the South China tiger.Across the eve of this year, however, shaoguan south China tiger breeding base for the national people’s greetings, from Shanghai, the south China tiger mother “dream dream” gave birth to a pair of twins baby tiger, tiger and the twin babies have the mother of the tertiary industry, and the tiger mother in the field of breeding in “a year tertiary industry four tyres” record highs.However, the birth of the two tigers attracted the attention of the central government, and the plan was to hold a feast for the two tigers when they were one month old. Now the tigers are in a warm box but still in a good condition, but a week after birth, they opened their sensitive eyes and began to carefully adapt to observe the world.The birth of the two cubs indicates the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, and the tiger is alive and powerful, which is a good moral. The growth of the tiger babies is also shown in the sight of the whole country under the live broadcast of CCTV, which also makes people have a better awareness of protecting the South China tiger.On the occasion of the baby tiger’s full moon, Ping An Group also planned public welfare protection activities for the New Year of the Tiger, and launched public welfare activities for fundraising of the South China Tiger baby digital art collection.The Ping An Fund will donate 1.5 million yuan. For users who participate in public welfare activities, Ping an Group will also invite them to visit the South China Tiger Base to have a close look at the adorable tiger babies, and work together to help promote species diversity!